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Colostrum Plus was manufactured by Symbiotics and is marketed as an immune system booster and weight loss supplement. Users are instructed to take two capsules with eight ounces of water twice a day on an empty stomach. These capsules can also be opened up and sprinkled on a snack or small meal. Colostrum Plus claims the ability to increase muscle tone and strength, promote a more efficient and strong immune system, improve skin and hair, increase energy and stamina, improve the cardiovascular system, improve memory and brain function and decrease the amount of time needed to heal injured tissues in the body.


Pure Bovine Colostrum, Bovine Lactoferrin, Bifidobacterium Longhum, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Gelatin.

Product Features

Colostrum Plus contains the ingredient Vitamin C which may help to boost the immune system, promote gallbladder health, neutralize free radicals, promote healthy skin and help to grow and repair body tissue. The ingredient Zinc may activate white blood cells to help fight illness, help in the structuring of cell membranes and proteins and also help to signal cells that are responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses and hormone release. The ingredient Pure Bovine Colostrum is believed to be beneficial in fighting allergies, earaches, fighting infections and viruses as well as helping those suffering from some type of immune disorder. It may also be beneficial to those who are recovering from an operation or disease. It is also believed to detoxify the body and cleanse the intestines. The ingredient Vitamin A may help to neutralize free radicals and it may also be beneficial to those with coronary artery disease.

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  • Colostrum Plus can be used by those on lactose free diets.
  • This product is inexpensive when compared to the similar products available.


  • Colostrum Plus does not contain any proven fat burners or appetite suppressants.
  • This product tells users that it can replace diet and exercise.
  • There are no user testimonials available.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a satisfaction guarantee available with Colostrum Plus.
  • People only need a small amount of Vitamin A so users should be careful not to consume too much or it could lead to toxicity.


Colostrum Plus doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the immune system boosters available today. There is also no absolute evidence to prove that this product will work for everyone. The combination of ingredients in this product do not address the essential elements of successful weight loss so those who are seeking weight loss may want to research other products that are intended for weight loss. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using Colostrum Plus is right for them.

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6 User Reviews about Colostrum Plus

  • 1

    Actually I take it all back about the advantage plus for I was taking it the wrong way and not enough and I had my ailments for so long it is going to take more time.So ignore what I have just said about advantage colostrum and the owner is actually a great guy.I was just feeling lousy.


  • 2

    can a person take colostrumwith high blood pressure


  • 3

    What is Colostrum Plus used for?


  • 4

    I am wondering how much calcium is in 2 capsules of this product. I think it could interfere with my thyroid medicine, if taken within 4 hours of each other.


    Ron Yates

    I ask the same question as Krisi. Her question was posted on your site Jan 17th.
    Do you actually answer/ reply to our comments/questions.
    Hallow is any one there.



    FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE THINKING ABOUT BUYING ADVANTAGE + COLOSTRUM PLEASE READ THIS FIRST.I am all for alternative medicine and colostrum sounds like a wonderful product but I have tried ADVANTAGE + COLOSTRUM and it didn’t work for my gastritis although I was promised by its owner Corey that it would in 4 to 6 weeks.I followed his instructions to the letter,I even meditated,deep breathing 3x a day,positive thinking and all of that and even had a very bland diet.After 2 months there wasn’t one bit of difference.
    I called him repeatedly and he told me to buy more in powdered form at $60 a bottle and it made my condition worse.When I called him again and sent him emails he refused to take my calls.At first he was the nicest person and he told me that he was an indigo child of God to come here on planet earth to heal people.Trust me he is just another con artist on the internet making false claims just to fatten his bank account and taking full advantage of people who are ill.
    He only cares about his business and money and no matter what he says,dont believe a word that comes out of his mouth.
    I am not saying that colostrum isn’t a good product,only the ADVANTAGE + from Canada.I don’t know exactly what is in the capsules he sold me but I am going to find out.
    If you want to waste your money and time on his substance whatever it is,well its your money and I wish that someone would have warned me before I wasted another $600.
    Feel free to message me at any time and I will give you all of the details.