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Colotox claims to be a weight loss supplement, but when looked at closely the ingredients and the claims of Colotox appear to that of a colon cleansing supplement not a weight loss supplement. Colotox contains a number of all natural ingredients commonly used to relieve constipation and bloating from water retention.


Colotox contain s Psyllium seed, Fennel seed, Buckthorn bark, Goldenseal, Cascara sagrada bark, Rhubarb, Licorice, and Ginger. These are ingredients commonly used in colon cleansing treatments to eliminate excess waste from the digestive system.

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Colotox contains a number of ingredients commonly found in herbal remedies used to treat constipation. These ingredients include Pysllium seed and Cascara Sagrada. These two ingredients are commonly used to treat constipation. Both have laxative effects on the colon. Other ingredients found in Colotox are used as diuretics to excrete excess water from the body. The weight loss that will occur from taking this supplement is only temporary and mainly from water weight and excess stool cleared from the colon. Consumers should be aware that using this type of supplement as a weight loss supplement will not promote significant weight loss. The weight lost from this type of supplement will quickly return. The cost of this supposed weight loss supplement is also rather expensive considering the ingredients It contains. The cost of Colotox is $40 per bottle. This is rather expensive considering Colotox does not contain a proven fat burner or an appetite suppressant.

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  • Colotox contains all natural ingredients.


  • Colotox does not contain a fat burner or an appetite suppressant.
  • Colotox is advertised as a weight loss treatment and not as a colon cleanser.
  • The cost of Colotox is expensive considering the ingredients it includes in the formula.


Colotox is a colon cleanser advertised as a weight loss supplement. The only weight that can be lost from the use of Colotox is from the elimination of excess waste and water weight. The consumer who takes this type of supplement should be aware of the damage it can cause to the digestive track. This type of weight loss can strip the digestive track of good bacteria needed for a healthy colon. Colotox may be able to produce minimal weight loss, but this weight will quickly return when consumers stop taking this supplement.

Weight loss can be achieved permanently by adding a healthy diet and exercise program to the use of a proven weight loss supplement. There are many supplements on the market today. The vast options available to consumers can seem over whelming. Consumers should look for a product that has clinical trials proving the ingredients effectiveness. The more ingredients contained in a product does not make it better. There are only a few key ingredients needed to have a great weight loss supplement. Consumers need to look for a supplement that increase the consumer’s fat burning and controls their hunger.

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