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Colotrim is advertised as a colon cleansing treatment. Colotrim is advertised to enhance weight loss, but can it really provide proven weight loss results? While Colotrim does have the ability to produce some weight loss effects, these effects are only temporary. The amount of weight loss from using Colotrim is from water weight loss and the excretion of excess waste. Cleansing the digestive track of these toxins and excess waste can be very beneficial, but can also leave the consumer without vital bacteria needed for a healthy digestive system.


Colotrim contains Goldenseal, Buckthorne, Pumpkin Seed, Licorice, Ginger, Fennel, Cascara Sagrada, and Rhubarb. The official Colotrim website does not disclose the product ingredients. This list was obtained through a third party website.

Product Features

Colotrim is a dietary supplement designed to eliminate toxins and excess waste from the body. This supplement is advertised as a weight loss supplement. The makers of Colotrim claim the consumer can lose up to 30 pounds just by using this product. While Colotrim can produce weight loss effects, these effects are only temporary. Once the consumer resumes a normal lifestyle the water weight will return as well as excess solid waste. Colotrim does have an official website. This website does not offer a significant amount of information about Colotrim. The official Colotrim website does offer consumers a free trial offer. There is a catch with the Colotrim free trial offer though. Consumers must pay shipping and handling and then after the 15 day trial offer is over they are charged an additional $79 dollars for the two trial size bottles of Colotrim. Consumers should also be aware when purchasing Colotrim through the official website they are automatically enrolled in the Colotrim auto ship program. Each month a 30 day supply of Colotrim will be sent and the consumer’s credit card will be charged.

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  • Colotrim can be purchased directly from the official website.


  • Colotrim contains several laxatives.
  • Colotrim does not support significant weight loss.
  • Colotrim does not contain effective weight loss ingredients.


Colotrim is marketed as a cleansing treatment that will boost energy and promotes weight loss. Colotrim does not appear to contain ingredients which can produce significant weight loss. It does contain several laxatives. Colotrim is not the ideal product for significant weight loss. The weight that is lost with a product like Colotrim will only be temporary. Consumers weight loss goals can be achieved more effectively through a health diet and exercise program and the use of a real weight loss supplement. A real weight loss supplement will be able to control hunger and help burn fat.

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    This stuff is not worth your money it is nothing but a scam and when you try to cancel you realize that you can’t because noone will answer your call!!!!!!!! DEFINITELY STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!


  • 2

    They also don’t tell you that in order to get, you are automatically enrolled in a supposed Online Weight Loss Center trial that, if you don’t discover it within 3 days (trail period), you will be charged $118.75 that is non-refundable! What a scam! Also, the customer service is HORRIBLE!!! STAY AWAY!