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What You Should Know

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Colvera is made by Virodyne, a company that has focused on “providing quality natural supplements you can trust” for the past six years. This product makes numerous claims as to its health benefits. Beyond losing the unwanted pounds without muscle loss, Colvera can also increase energy and stamina, reduce wrinkles and age spots and promote an overall sense of well being. Some websites even state that it might help users sleep better! This seems to be a tall order for one little diet supplement, but we will explore the active ingredient further to see if it can really deliver on all of its promises.

The Colvera website does say that if you exercise “a little bit each week” and “eliminate a few high calorie foods from your diet” you can lose even more weight. While we appreciate the reference to diet and exercise (proven weight loss methods), we believe that more emphasis could be placed on a consistent diet and regular exercise program for maximum benefits. It is also said that Colvera should be taken on an empty stomach right before bed. Any supplement that recommends replacing food with a supplement should be used with caution, since many have experienced negative health effects trying this approach to dieting.

List of Ingredients

We were unable to find a complete ingredient list on the product website. The active ingredient in Colvera is collagen hydrolysate, which is said to assist the body in shedding fat, sugar and toxins. Collagen is an important substance in our bodies that supports the health of our muscles, joints and connective tissue, and keeps your skin soft and supple. However, clinical evidence that collagen is an effective weight loss substance is fuzzy at best at the time of this review.

It should be noted that the collagen is derived from animal and fish protein, but the company does not offer the specific ingredient sources. This might be a concern, since animal diseases affecting meat have been increasing, and also since some potential users could have allergies to marine life such as shellfish. It is also concerning that a complete ingredient list could not be found for Colvera, since many need to know precisely what is in a formula to prevent allergies and interactions with other medications.

Product Features

This product comes in capsule form, which is taken on an empty stomach before bed. At the time of this review, a one month supply runs about $60 and discounts for bulk purchases were offered on the product website. There are also customer testimonials listed on the site, but we were unable to find information about any sort of money back guarantee. Clinical studies cited on the use of collagen pertained to many conditions, but did not refer specifically to weight loss.

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  • Collagen is a natural substance produced by the body.
  • The product has no reported side effects.


  • A complete ingredient list could not be found.
  • There is not sufficient evidence to support collagen as a weight loss ingredient, especially when taken orally.
  • The source of the collagen protein is not specified.


Colvera appears to be a safe supplement, although the formula may not be potent enough to provide real results. If you are taking any other medications or have a chronic condition, talk to your doctor before trying this product.

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