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Competitive Edge Labs is a company that targets consumers who are looking to get the upper hand on other competitors just like the name says. Competitive Edge Labs targets consumers who are bodybuilders and competitive performers who need to enhance their physical performance to overcome other professional competitors. The line of products available from Competitive Edge Labs includes Testosterone Enhancers, Muscle Builders and other performance enhancing supplements. The average consumer is not assisted with the products provided by Competitive Edge Labs.


Ingredients included in Competitive Edge Labs products vary depending on the product and the function it is to serve to the consumer. The official Competitive Edger Lbs website does disclose ingredient information. The majority of the ingredients used in their supplements are used to enhance the immune system and overall health. These supplement ingredients can be beneficial even to the average consumer.

Product Ingredients

The supplements advertised on Competitive Edge Labs official website are very general supplements which could be used by any consumer to enhance health and well being. These supplements do not contain effective fat burners or appetite suppressant ingredients. The main consumer for Competitive Edge Labs is the bodybuilder and competitive athlete. The average consumer would benefit more from taking a supplement designed to not only improve health but to enhance weight loss and appetite suppression. There are a number of supplements available produced by Competitive Edge Labs but only a few are currently advertised on the official website. The ingredients advertised on the official website are geared towards general health, but other products which can be found online produced by Competitive Edge Labs are mainly sold on competitive athlete and body building websites. Since the products can not be purchased directly through the official website the websites that Competitive Edge Labs advertises as official retailer are also mainly websites geared towards the professional or avid athlete. Pricing for Competitive Edge Labs varies depending on the product and website it is sold on. The general cost is not outrageous but for the results it provides to the general consumer, these products could be considered a waste of money.

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  • The ingredients in the Competitive Edge Labs products do not seem to promote general harm to consumers.
  • Competitive Edge Labs products are readily available through third party website online.


  • Competitive Edge Labs does not produce products designed to promote weight loss.
  • The official website for Competitive Edge Labs does not sell their own products on this site.
  • Competitive Edge Labs is only geared towards the professional and avid athlete not the general consumer.
  • Competitive Edge Labs products does not contain appetite suppressants or fat burners as active ingredients.


Competitive Edge Labs does not promote products that are generally productive for the general consumer. Competitive Edge Labs mainly markets the avid and professional athletes. The products they promote on their official website are designed to enhance the immune system., while this is important to many consumers it does not promote weight loss. Consumers looking for a strong weight loss supplement should look else where. A proven weight loss supplement will have a powerful fat burner and an appetite suppressant as active ingredients.

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