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Compex is a company that sells muscle stimulators. The units use electricity to mimic voluntary movement of muscles. Pads placed on the skin in specific areas, as described in the guidebook included with the Compex Fitness, help to tone muscles and relieve muscle pain. When used between workouts, muscle stimulators can help muscles recover more quickly, leading to more workouts and better conditioning. The Compex Fitness is the least expensive of the muscle stimulators sold through the official website, but the price is still more than $400.

The official website sells the Compex Fitness directly. Free shipping is offered on every order and the unit is guaranteed. Dieters can ask questions on the website or contact customer service for more information on the Compex Fitness.

List of Ingredients

Compex Fitness includes: Compex Muscle Stimulator, Battery Charger, User Manual, Electrode Placement Guidebook, Carrying Case, Electrode Lead wires (set of 4), 2″x2″ Gel Electrodes (1 pack of 4) and 2″x4″ Gel Electrodes (1 pack of 2).

Product Features

The idea behind an electronic muscle stimulator is simple. Leads move electricity from the base unit to pads attached to the skin. Electricity works to stimulate the muscle without the user having to move. Muscle stimulation through a brief electrical shock is the same as movement, but more shocks can be delivered to the muscle than the number of movements in a given workout. The result is increased muscle tone and definition. There is a down side to Compex Fitness.

The stimulator will not increase cardiovascular endurance. The dieter still needs to workout regularly to increase metabolism and burn fat. There are very few calories burned by resting or working muscles when muscle stimulators are used for muscle contraction. There is no mention of weight loss or supplements on the official website. Everything appears to be focused on the athlete and how he or she can improve performance with a little electricity.

The Compex Fitness is the base model of muscle stimulators. There are two preset programs and one special program. The presets are Endurance, Resistance and Active Recovery. The average athlete needs only these three presets, so the Compex Fitness could save the athlete quite bit of money compared to the higher end models that sell for more than $1000. Some models offer eight preset programs or more. The package includes a carrying case, base unit, charger, leads and pads.

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  • Sells online from the manufacturer.
  • Cheapest of the Compex models.


    Will not increase cardiovascular endurance.

  • Does not replace regular exercise.


Compex Fitness may be the cheaper model, but it does the job of helping the athlete recover. There is no weight loss benefits associated with the muscle stimulator.

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