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The Compex Sport muscle stimulator was sold through Compex. The Compex Sport model has been discontinued, but some units are available for sale through third-party retailers. The muscle stimulator includes four preset programs and two special programs to stimulate muscle with electricity. The programs are Endurance, Resistance, Strength, Explosive Strength, Potentiation and Active Recovery. Electro-muscle stimulation is used by athletes to fine tune muscle tone and strength. Stimulation does not replace physical exercise or training.

List of Ingredients

Compex Muscle Stimulator, Battery Charger, User Manual, Electrode Placement Guidebook, Carrying Case, Electrode Lead wires (set of 4), 2 Gel Electrodes (1 pack of 4) and 2 Gel Electrodes (1 pack of 2).

Product Features

The Compex Sport muscle stimulator uses electricity to stimulate small and large muscle groups. Preset programs work muscles toward a specific goal. Users simply place electrodes on the skin according to the Electrode Placement Guidebook and start the desired program. Leads run from the electrodes to the stimulation unit, which regulates the frequency, duration and strength of electric stimulation.

Electric stimulation of muscles mimics voluntary muscle stimulation, similar to movement. The user chooses to sit still during the program or move around. The unit runs on batteries so it is portable. When electricity hits muscle fibers through the skin, the muscle contracts, but electric muscle stimulators do not work the body’s most important muscle, the heart. Cardiovascular exercise is needed to increase endurance and heart strength.

The unit retails for about $600, more than most dieters are willing to pay for a small fitness unit with limited use. Weight training provides the same muscle stimulation for a fraction of the price. The Compex Sport muscle stimulator does prevent lactic acid buildup in the muscle so the pain common after weight training is not as intense. In some cases, there is no pain after using the unit.

Compex has discontinued the Compex Sport unit so there is no money-back guarantee. The company may not cover defective units for repair or replacement if sold through outside retailers.

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  • Stimulates muscles without physical exercise.
  • May help tone muscles and increase muscle strength.


  • Costs more than most dieters are willing to pay.
  • Works muscles but does not improve cardiovascular strength.
  • May not work if there is a thick layer of fat between the skin and muscle.
  • The electrical pulses may be too strong for some users.


Muscle stimulators have been around for a number of years. Athletes typically use machines like the Compex Sport to fine tune muscle definition and increase small muscle strength. Weight loss and fat burn are not stimulated by using the Compex Sport nor will cardiovascular endurance increase.

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