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The Complete Book of Juicing is a book written by Michael T. Murray. There are many books about juicing and the health benefits it offers to you, including how juicing can help you reach your weight loss goals. We will take a closer look at this book to determine how, if it all, it is different from other books about juicing available today, to help you decide whether or not it is worth the investment.

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The Complete Book of Juicingfeatures a wide variety of recipes to use to make your own fresh squeezed juices straight from the fresh fruit. The book contains more than 150 different fresh juice recipes to give you a variety of combinations to use for your health. It also goes into detail about how fresh juicing can help ward away disease such as cancer. You will learn how to use juicing to fight the signs of aging, help treat kidney stones and ulcers, relieve arthritis pain, lower your blood pressure, and lower your cholesterol levels. Juice fasting is also a popular thing in terms of cleansing the body to promote overall health and weight loss. If not done correctly, though, it can cause great harm to the body. This book contains a guide on how you can safely, and effectively complete a juice fast, and therefore claims to be the only juicing book you will ever need.

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  • The Complete Book of Juicing not only provides recipes for juices, but gives background information on the benefits of juicing and juice fasting.
  • This book is available for under $10 at, at the time of this review.


  • The Complete Book of Juicingonly contains 150 recipes. Many other books contain well over 300.
  • Juicing can get quite expensive, because you have to invest in a juicer, and a lot of fresh fruit just to get a few glasses of juice.
  • This does not make use of a balanced diet for weight loss purposes.
  • There is no mention of exercise to help with weight loss.


The Complete Book of Juicing does not have a specific weight loss focus, but could easily help you lose weight. Juice contains vital nutrients, and natural fruit sugars, to help you get what you need without extra calories. Juice fasting is not something that should be done all the time, but occasionally, it can help. If you combine the principles of juicing with a healthy, reduced calorie diet, and regular exercise, you could see excellent weight loss results. For those who want to pack an extra punch into their weight loss program, adding a clinically proven safe and effective fat burner or appetite suppressant will do the trick.

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