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Complete H2O Mineral is a supplement company which sells liquid supplements. Complete H2) claims the secret to their supplements is in the water. The company uses pharmaceutical grade water and ionic elemental minerals to create a supplement that is easier for the body to absorb than the traditional capsule or pill form of supplements. Complete H2) Mineral is located in Columbia, South Carolina. The official website provides consumers with important information about each of their products including a label listing ingredients for each supplement. Complete H2O Mineral products are not available through their official website but provides a list of distributors selling their line of products.


Complete H2O Mineral provides a product label which list all ingredients included in each product. A list of their products include: Boron, Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Germanium, Indium, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Platinum, Potassium, Selenium, Silver, and Vanadium. The Complete H2O Mineral line of products also contains the Dr. Woods formula, Balanced Life formula and a pain relief formula. These supplements contain several minerals to achieve different effects. Along with all of the above ingredients each product contains pharmaceutical grade water.

Product Features

The Complete H2O Mineral Company is one of the only companies to market minerals in a liquid form. The company claims by delivering minerals to the body in this form allows for better absorption. Each mineral is supposed to serve a different purpose in the body. The most common minerals many people are already aware of the benefits such as calcium for stronger bones, but the company has a large selection of minerals which covers an array of purposes. Gold for instance is used to enhance the use of pain relievers such as aspirin for those with arthritis. While the concept of taking liquid supplements is great it would be nice to see a liquid vitamin from this company that incorporates a well rounded group rather than just individual supplements. The expense of taking several of these supplements far out weights the benefits provided with liquid formula verses capsule forms of the same minerals. The Complete H2O Mineral Company does not sell their own products online but rather to distributors. A list of distributors is provided on the website for the company. The cost of the products by Complete H2O Mineral ranges from $12 to $25 on their online distributors websites.

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  • The Complete H2O Mineral company has a dedicated website.
  • Ingredient information for Complete H2O Mineral products are available online.
  • Minerals are easier to absorb by the body in a liquid form from Complete H2O Minerals.


  • The cost of taking individual mineral supplements from Complete H2O Minerals is rather expensive.
  • Complete H2O Mineral products can not be purchased directly from the dedicated website.
  • Complete H2O Mineral does not have one product that covers a well balanced vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • There is no scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of many of the products available through Complete H2O Mineral.


Complete H2O Mineral provides consumers with a collection of minerals suspended in water. By taking supplements in a liquid form the body is better able to absorb the needed mineral. This company falls short to provide harden proof of the need for many of its products. There is not a scientific backing for many of the supplements they manufacture. Consumers looking for a well rounded supplement should look else where, but if they are after a certain benefit from liquid minerals such as increase pain relief or to add to the supplements they already take this company’s products would be worth trying out.

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