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Compulsive Eaters Anonymous is a weight loss program centered on a step program. It was designed to help those who are battling food addiction and those who simply cannot help themselves from compulsively overeating. Users are supposed to attend meetings in which they talk about their experience with compulsive overeating and work with the others in the group to help them and themselves overcome their compulsive overeating. The meetings are structured and they offer a disciplined twelve step approach to overcoming compulsive overeating. Those who attend Compulsive Eaters Anonymous meetings will also learn about the twelve traditions on their way to recovery.

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Compulsive overeating is a real mental illness. Those who suffer from this cannot help themselves and it is almost impossible for them to recover on their own. Compulsive Eaters Anonymous offers them a structured program that will give them the tools they need to overcome their compulsive eating habits. Like other addictions, compulsive eaters often “fall off the wagon” a time or two before they are successful in overcoming their addiction. Users will be assigned a sponsor who will be available 24/7 to help prevent them from having episodes of compulsive overeating. Many of the sponsors have overcome a compulsive eating addiction so they can relate to those they sponsor and aid them in successfully beating the addiction. There are no fees to attend Compulsive Eaters Anonymous meetings, but users are encouraged to make donations to help keep the program running. The website offers a variety of resources to compulsive eaters and it also provides details on the meetings and the locations where meetings are held. Users can attend meetings in any U.S. State, but they are encouraged to attend the same facility throughout the duration of the program to guarantee a higher success rate.

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  • There are Compulsive Eaters Anonymous locations in every state.
  • Users will get a personal sponsor to help them when they are tempted to overeat.
  • There are no membership fees.


  • Users may need to rearrange their schedule to attend all of the meetings.
  • These are only meetings and exercise is often not implemented in the program.
  • Compulsive Eaters Anonymous is not a weight loss program and they only help users overcome overeating and do not teach them how to develop a healthy diet.


Compulsive Eaters Anonymous doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the weight loss support programs available today. There is also no absolute evidence to prove that this program will work for everyone. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using Compulsive Eaters Anonymous is right for them.

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    Susan May

    Seeking Information about your program. Glad to see it is a step program. Anyone in Indianapolis I can talk to about Your meetings and The Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition that advocates for all addictions including Food Addiction.


  • 2
    david a sharp

    Have any scientific studies been made on the food plan of Compulsive Overeater’s Anonymous? Do the food restrictions satisfactory provide that which the body needs?

    david sharp