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Conquer the Fat Loss Code by Wendy Chant helps a dieter achieve weight loss success with easy recipes and fewer hours spent exercising. The book includes guidelines for eating and exercise, success trackers and metabolic boosting tips. This is a follow-up book to Crack the Fat Loss Code but the same author. Some dieters love the theories and ideas in the book, claiming weight loss is simple and successful. Other readers claim foods are expensive and information is presented is hard to understand. sells Conquer the Fat Loss Code for less than $12. Dieters can buy the book with the original Crack the Fat Loss Code and an L-Carnitine supplement for $38. The addition of an L-Carnitine supplement leads us to believe Chant suggests natural supplements to boost weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Self-help book for weight loss and exercise.

Product Features

Conquer the Fat Loss Code is based on carb cycling. Dieters eat more carbohydrates on some days and less on others. While the details of the book are reserved for people who read the book, reviews tell much of the story. According to one detailed review, the book consists of four parts. Part one covers simple diet terms for people who want to lose weight. Part two details the plan with suggestions like eating five meals a day. The third section focuses on dealing with everyday life like traveling and eating out. The final section is dedicated to simple, weight loss recipes.

The diet menu and exercise plan required in Conquer the Fat Loss Code takes time and planning. Some readers drop off the plan because they do not have the time required for this planning. Other dieters love the fact that the book is written in simple terms that are easy to understand. As is the case with any diet book, the reader must understand what the author is trying to achieve and put the tips into play to lose weight. If the dieter chooses to skip days or not following the eating plan, they can do so but they will not lose weight.

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  • Prescribes healthy eating and exercise for weight loss.
  • Some dieters achieve weight loss with carb cycling.
  • Allows low carb dieters to eat carbs.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Planning takes time that some dieters do not have.
  • May be too simple for some dieters.


Conquer the Fat Loss Code is a book that details how to carb cycle for weight loss. It may be appropriate for the dieter to read the first book, Crack the Fat Loss Code to better understand the code and what the author is talking about in the second book. Overall, reviews of the book are good and the author suggests supplements to increase weight loss.

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