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Consumer Lab is a directory of all sorts of supplements and medications. They review and independently test consumer products to ensure quality and effectiveness. Safety is one of the most important features of the Consumer Lab tests. Consumer Lab conducts tests on the chosen products as well as uses consumer reviews. Consumer Lab is a subscription based website. Information on the products they have tested is only available to members for a fee of $29.95 per year.


Consumer Lab is a website dedicated to the safety of consumers, providing them knowledge and clinical studies approving products in a variety of categories including weight loss, nutritional supplements, and even prescription drugs.

Product Features

The Consumer Lab website is very informative to those who subscribe to their membership. This website provides not only scientific evidence to back the claims of supplements and medication but also provides consumers with recall information and other warning which maybe associated with a particular product or ingredient. The website has several different features. Consumer Lab provides an encyclopedia of terms, ingredients and terms which can seem over whelming and confusing to the average consumer. The Consumer Lab website also the latest information on recalls and warning associated with the products on the market today and an archive of previously sold items. This section can prove to be extremely valuable to consumers as it has uncovered recalls and warnings of prescription medications found in what is suppose to be all natural herbal supplements. It has also revealed body building products which have tested positive for steroids or steroid like ingredients which are not disclosed by the manufacturer. The Consumer Lab website also has suggestions of reputable places to purchase this type of product. These sellers are approved and pass the scrutiny of the Consumer Lab. The membership to this website is required to access the majority of information on this website. The cost of a one year membership is $29.95 and a two year subscription is discounted to $49.95. Consumers who do not anticipate using this website often can also receive a single product evaluation for only $12.95. The website appears to give the tested products either a pass or fail identification. This website makes it much easier to sift through the various nutritional products and leaves consumers feeling more secure in their purchases.

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  • Consumer Lab promotes a safety and quality assurance in the supplement market.
  • Information provided on the Consumer Lab website is backed with independent testing and customer reviews.


  • There does appear to be a free trial membership offered for the Consumer Lab website.
  • The majority of the information found on the Consumer Lab website can be found online through government websites and other product review sites.


Consumer Lab is a website dedicated to protecting and informing consumers. The Consumer Lab website provides a variety of information including the ingredients found in individual supplements and recall and warning information available on supplements and medications. This can be a very valuable tool for consumers whether you are taking or looking to take a weight loss supplement or to just keep up on the information on the medications and supplements you are already taking. While some of the information found on this website can be found for free online, Consumer Labs has done the foot work placer information only a click away.

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  • 1

    Do Not Subscribe. After a period of time we could not access the site after paying for our subscription. automatically renewed our subscription and charged our credit card. They keep your information on file. We tried to cancel, we tried to get our account credited and would not cooperate. In the end we had to go to the bank to dispute the charge. Not worth the hassle. Too many other sites offer free information and do not keep your information. In the day of identity theft this is not a company to deal with.


  • 2
    helene kneubuhler

    Dr Oz program said you can review supplement Panitol for arthritis free for next 24 hrs. They are from enzyme labs in FL.


  • 3

    I have contacted the FDA and the NSF about the Roca Labs Product because the ingredients are not natural and they cause serious health conditions. Four people that I know personally have been in the ER all with the same symptoms of hardened breathing and chest pains. Beta Gluten is a killer and that is all that is in this “formula” that they produce. When you ask what type of “healthy fibers” are in the product they can’t answer you, because it is all metamucil and beta gluten. Also the FDA has never approved that formula! And yes diet supplements can be approved by the FDA, but Roca Labs can’t get approval because of the harmful effects of using this stuff! Terrible! Contact the FDA and the NSF because this is terrible they don’t need to be hurting people with their products!


  • 4

    Do you have any information on the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass no Surgery Diet.


  • 5

    how can I find out the different nutritional companies that follow GMP and USP manufacturing practices? Thanks,


  • 6
    Debra McCormick

    Joined consumberlab.con today. give my credit card # was able to accress info about iron and went to check vD and can not acress site anymore, said service not there. Only joined because the Dr jon site said they were good.


  • 7
    lawrence Burge

    i have 26 years experience in softgel manufacturing. i just purchased a childrens DHA supplement that is grossly under label claim. The soft gels are 30 % diferrent is size and potency. iwant these people exposed (nordic Naturals)