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LA Weight Loss markets a diet product called Control Trim. This caplet-formula was apparently developed by the USDA, but only for this particular business. Overall, it’s supposed to curb the user’s appetite and allow them to feel full/satisfied, in addition to providing essential fiber for regular bowel movements. Not only is this supplement sold in the form of caplets that are taken with water, but it also comes in the form of a “fat substitute powder” that can be added to foods when cooking. Control Trim is stated to not alter the taste of food. This product is 100% natural oat bran and can be acquired at LA Weight Loss facilities.

The official pitch on the website for Control Trim is “It’s time to take control of your weight loss.” The website does provide some recipes for the Control Trim fat replacement product, as well as a toll free number to allow dieters to inquire further. In regards to the caplet form of Control Trim, it is revealed that 180 caplets come in a bottle, and they should be taken daily (two caplets 30 minutes to an hour prior to each meal). More information on how the fat substitute is used can be attained from LA Weight Loss.

List of Ingredients

100% natural Oat Bran is the only ingredient mentioned on the product website.

Product Features

Control Trim is a dietary supplement that comes in two different forms which are caplets and a fat substitute powder. This substance is suitable for both women and men because it is essentially 100% oat bran. Although Control Trim doesn’t aim to burn away unwanted fat, it does endeavor to suppress the user’s appetite and assist with regularity. Unfortunately, this weight loss supplement cannot be acquired online or in retail stores. Control Trim only sells in LA Weight Loss facilities. The official website fails to offer any clear testimonials, clinical studies, or product satisfaction guarantee.

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  • Control Trim is made from 100% oat bran, which is commonly regarded as healthy for the human body.
  • This weight loss product may aid with daily bowel movements.


  • Control Trim does not endeavor to burn away unwanted fat from the body.
  • There is no refund guarantee explained on the official website for this supplement.
  • Real clinical data is not provided to support the claims made about this dietary supplement.
  • Essentially Control Trim can only be attained from LA Weight Loss facilities, which may make it hard to come by for some dieters that do not reside near one.


It is actually refreshing to see a weight reduction supplement that is made from 100% oat bran, as opposed to the countless synthetic components out there today. Furthermore, Control Trim sounds fairly ideal in some respects when it comes to healthy weight loss. On the other hand, this supplement is not exactly available to everyone. In fact, no one can acquire Control Trim supplements unless they live near an LA Weight Loss center. This will no doubt turn many dieters away in search of more accessible products.

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