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Controlled Labs REDuction is one of the more popular supplements in the world of fitness. All Controlled Labs products are named for the color of the pills. In the REDuction program there are actually two sets of supplements, one for day and one for night. The red supplements are the daytime formula and the black pills are the nighttime formula. The red portion has two aspects. It is both a stimulant and a thermogenic. The black portion also has two aspects; appetite control and a sleep aide. Two red pills must be taken each morning and two black pills each evening.


The majority of the ingredients in the red pills are stimulants, the most recognizable of which is the caffeine. This is how the product increases energy and focus, however, it can also cause some people to experience a racing heart and lightheadedness.


List of Ingredients


The ingredients for the red hunge reduction complex are cordial salicifolia extract, raspberry ketones, ginger root, cayenne fruit extract, olive leaf. The ingredients for the Sleep n’Slim complex are gamma-aminobutryic acid, taraxacum officinate extract, valeriana officinalis root extract, L-theanine, and griffonia. These are found in the black tablets which also contain maltodextrin, magnesium stearate and artificial colors. The Red Sweat Thermo Complex includes raspberry ketones, cayenne fruit extract, citrus aurantium extract, and bioperine. The STIMuSlim contains phenylethylamine hcl, gamma-aminobutric acid, taraxacum officinale extract, 200 mg of natural caffeine, isobutyryl-thiamine disulfide, cocoa bean, and citrus aurantium extract. These are both included in the red tablets which also contain maltrodextrin, magnesium stearate and artificial colors.


Product Features


The Controlled Labs REDuction is designed to increase focus and energy, control food cravings, increase metabolic rate, and improve sleep. The two product approach with the system is supposed to optimize weight loss throughout the day and during the night while you sleep.


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  • Manufacturer’s website is user friendly.
  • Money back guarantee.




  • The product is expensive.
  • Must consume four pills per day with this program.
  • Product not designed specifically for large scale weight loss.
  • The money back guarantee is only honored for products purchased directly through the manufacturer.




This product is most actively marketed to those who are already in shape and are looking to get into better shape, not to people who need to lose large amount of weight. This makes the product less ideal for weight loss, although it does have weight loss properties. Unfortunately, the exact amounts of the ingredients are, for the most part, not listed nor are they primarily known for weight loss. Further, while it is nice that the company recognizes that the ingredients in the red pill would interrupt sleep it is cumbersome to have to take two types of pills twice a day. For those serious about losing weight, another product would probably be more beneficial.

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