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Controlled Labs is a supplement manufacturer who ‘s target audience is mainly athletes and body builders. This company has a number of supplements designed to aid those who are already physically fit and looking to take their bodies to the next level. Controlled Labs also has a number of products designed to alter the consumer’s weight. Controlled Labs manufactures two weight loss products designed to be taken together. REDuction and REDuction PM are designed to maximize weight loss night and day. Controlled Labs also has created Black Hole a weight gainer supplement.


Controlled Labs has a number of products available for sale on their official website. At first glance it does not appear that a complete ingredients list is disclosed on the website, but at further inspection a product label for each product is available under the product name. This section is labeled as “Supplement Facts”.

Product Features

Controlled Labs is a nutritional supplement company who is mainly geared towards athletes. There are two weight loss products designed to be taken together. The AM version is supposed to increase focus, mood and energy, while decreasing appetite. The PM version is designed to increase metabolism even while you sleep. This formula also contains a sleep aid to ensure a better night’s rest. These two supplements are sold together in one box for a 30 day supply of each for $52.00. Another product from Controlled Labs is called Black Hole. This product is designed to increase appetite. It is mainly designed for those athletes who burn more calories than they can consume. Black Hole contains an ingredient similar to Marijuana. It is stated in the product description that users will not test positive if using this product on a drug test for THC. It is designed to create those infamous munchies, allowing the consumer to eat even after the body would have normally been full. Black Hole retails for $55.00 and has an independent lab test to prove that it will not result in a positive drug test. Consumers should be aware the lab test were performed for a specific dosage and if more of this supplement is consumed than it was tested for a positive drug test may occur. It would be safe for an athlete who needs to consume more calories to eat more often rather than larger meals a few times a day. Controlled Labs claims their products are “real World” tested to provide the claimed results. The dedicated website not only gives product information but also has a forum post where consumers can share results and answer each others questions.

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  • Controlled Labs has independent lab results posted on their website to prove the safety of certain products.
  • There is a dedicated website for Controlled Labs.
  • Controlled Labs offers a 105% money back guarantee.


  • The ingredients contained in some of the Controlled Labs products may be questionable for effectiveness and /or drug interactions.
  • The products sold on Controlled Labs is mainly targeted towards athletes, rather than the average consumer.
  • Controlled Labs only backs their products that are sold directly through their website and not any of their associated retailers.


Controlled Labs has several dietary supplements to aid consumers with improved exercise and dieting results. The products designed to aid in weight loss do not appear to have any proven ingredient to promote effective weight loss goals. This product’s ingredients list is only available as a proprietary blend rather than the actual amount of ingredients included in the supplement. The average consumer should find a weight loss product which has proven ingredients included in it and designed for the average person and not someone who is already physically fit.

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