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The Cookie Diet offers consumers a way to help control their appetite while following a healthy diet to aid in weight loss, or just a healthy snack alternative. For maximum results, an 800 calorie per day diet is suggested. This diet includes 6 cookies throughout the day to control hunger and one meal of six ounces of lean chicken, fish or turkey and one cup of non-starchy green vegetables.


The active ingredient in the Cookie Diet is secret hunger-controlling protein blend. Because the cookies are made of a proprietary recipe, we are unable to find a complete list of product ingredients at this time.

Product Features

The Cookie Diet offers their cookies in a variety of flavors including banana, chocolate, oatmeal raisin, coconut and blueberry. Customers can also purchase shake mixes in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pina colada and crème brulee flavors. One shake mix is equal to two cookies. Although these flavors may sound appetizing, the cookies are not exactly made to taste good. The cookies are crunchy so keep that in mind if you plan on ordering this diet.

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  • The Cookie Diet does not contain harmful weight loss drugs such as Ephedra.
  • The consumer does not need to have a prescription to purchase this product as it can be ordered online directly from the manufacturer’s website.
  • The Cookie Diet was developed by and is manufactured by a doctor. The official product website states that more than a half a million people have had weight loss success with this product.


  • The Cookie Diet does not contain any fat burning products to help aid with weight loss. This product is only an appetite suppressant.
  • For the best results, only 800 calories per day should be consumed. This type of calorie restriction may be too much of a lifestyle change for many dieters.
  • Free samples are not available for first time customers at this time.
  • This product costs $56-$59 plus shipping for one weeks supply. This may be too expensive for the average consumer.
  • Some find the cookies unappetizing. (See reader comments.)


The Cookie Diet does address one of the major factors for unsuccessful weight loss and that is hunger. While the protein blends may help suppress hunger, this product does not contain any fat burning products to help speed up weight loss for the user. Since this product suggests an 800 calorie diet per day including the cookies, results would vary depending on the diet plan of the user. The Cookie Diet should be commended, however, for addressing the fundamental reason for unsuccessful weight loss and the variety of flavors available. We feel it would be beneficial if the Cookie Diet allowed first time consumers to purchase a sample the product.

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  • 1

    I also use R&D Diet Cookies and I really like them. Lost 50 lbs so far (70 to go) But! Don’t expect your grandmother’s cookies. If you have any doubt you should order a sampler first!



    It works if you stick with it. I was on this program for 2 months (only following during the week, taking “weekends off”) and lost 20lbs. Would have kept going except I had a negative/allergic reaction.


  • 2

    Does it work or doesn’t it.


  • 3

    If so many people lost weight on these two diets. how come you only have five testimonals. Dr. Seigel alone helped over 500’000 people;but he only has four testimonals. That’s odd.



  • 4
    Amalia Gist

    I tried this diet for a week after trying Hollywood cookie to see if it was any better after all the hype…but this is terrible the cookies taste terrible so what’s the point of this diet? Hollywood cookies were much better tasting and lost a few pounds in a couple weeks


  • 5

    Just called the company. NO SAMPLES so I guess Ill pass.
    Its one thing to invest less than ten dollars but sixty forget it. Not sure I would like theml


  • 6
    Donna McCullough

    What is a safe length of time
    to continue on Dr. Siegal’s
    cookie diet?


  • 7
    mrs .banana lover

    omg i love these cookies especially the banana ones i love them more than god but its probably cuz i like bananas so much i love ther shape yeah mmmm bananas love theme


  • 8

    I tried a couple different brands before settling on the Capitol Hill Cookie Diet. By far the best tasting cookies and actually are pretty filling. Just 10 days in, but already lost 6 pounds. The taste definitely helps me stick with it.


  • 9

    I’ve bought both smart for life and Dr. Siegals, both taste exactly the same. Imagine soaking a cardbord box in water then let it dry out then try eating it. That is how they taste. The best of the worse is the blueberry ones. Although they taste horrible, they do work if you stick it out. I lost 7 lbs the first week then got off of them for a vacation I had planned then it was hell trying to get back on them because you remember how awful tasting they are.


  • 10

    Make sure you order the R&D Diet Cookies! They are the best cookie diet! They taste great and are MUCH cheaper. Also, on the first day… wait until you are hungry then fix a cup of coffee with cream and sugar-free flavor and savor 2 of the cookies. I promise you won’t be disappointed! I lost 40 lbs and have kept them off for a year.


  • 11

    I love Dr. Siegal’s banana and chocolate cookies. I have been on the diet for two weeks and even with the occasional “cheat”, I have lost 10 pounds!


  • 12

    I think Dr. Siegal’s cookies are delicious, especially the banana ones! I also like the chocolate ones, but the banana ones are terrific!! Been on the diet a couple of weeks and have lost 10 pounds.



    I am confused and am trying to find out what I am doing wrong. I have been on the cookie diet for 4 weeks I only lost FOUR pounds. Help!!!


  • 13
    Tammy Hall

    The cookies taste HORRIBLE!!!!!! OMG, literally the worst cookies I have ever tasted. And what’s worse, they don’t allow you to return the cookies for a refund, so I’m stuck with a month’s worth of dog biscuit tasting cookies. The cookies have no flavor, and I’ve tried all of them, yuck! Do yourself a favor and go to your local wal-mart and buy a box of appetite suppressants. Saves you the heartache and easier on your pockets.



    I’m so happy I only bought a one week’s supply. To expect anyone to eat these for 2 meals a day for any length of time is ridiculous and a sure path for failure in the long run when real food is introduced back into the diet. If you want to suffer while losing weight, go for it. If you want to gain all your weight back as fast as you lost it, go for it. I’m back to loving the real food for weight loss champions – fruits and vegetables and low calorie great tasting homemade receipes – good bye horrible tasting cookies! You will not be missed!



    It’s a simple diet aid! Not ding-dongs. But, I also recommend the R&D Diet Cookies. They really do taste much better… but don’t expect oreos. The best thing to do is wait until you are hungry and then eat them with a drink. The fast weight loss will motivate you. I lost 70 lbs on them 2 yrs ago and I’ve kept them off! I recommend them for anyone who is really ready to lose their weight once and for all!


  • Could not find recipe for black bean brownies that was featured on the show on 01-o6-10. Please publish.

    Barbara Sands


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