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Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq is a cosmetic procedure that freezes fat cells in an attempt to slim the body. The procedure is not for people who have a significant amount of weight to lose. Instead, Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq is designed for people of normal weight who exercise but still have fat deposits. Customer reviews of the procedure are mixed, but many people complain about the procedure being a waste of money. It can take a month or more to notice changes in size after the procedure. Average reduction in fat is 20 to 25-percent.

List of Ingredients

Fat freezing cosmetic surgery.

Product Features

Dieters work hard to achieve a normal weight. With proper diet and exercise, the body should slim down and extra fat deposits shaved off those trouble areas. However, in some cases, dieters work hard to achieve weight loss goals only to find stubborn areas of fat simply will not go away. Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq addresses these problem areas.

The average cost for multiple procedures is $1,500. Some consumers love the results while others complain of irregular results with fat slimming on one side of the abdomen or treated area and not on the other. The procedure is non-invasive, so dieters simply lay down for less than 15 minutes while fat cells are frozen. It can take multiple procedures to achieve slimming results.

There is an official website for Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq, but the procedure must be performed by a licensed physician. The official website offers testimonials from Cool Sculpting patients and before and after photos. The procedure has been covered on various major news networks in the United States with before and after photos. It is described as body sculpting with results taking up to four months. Each session costs about $750 and lasts about 15 minutes. According to CBS News, it can take up to 3 hours worth of sessions to achieve lasting results.

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  • Non-invasive fat removal.
  • Fat cells are permanently destroyed.


  • Costs more than dieting and exercise.
  • May take four months to see results.
  • Not aimed at overweight or obese dieters.


The Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq procedure is FDA-approved. Dieters can feel safe going to an approved clinic, but they may not feel so great about the price. At $750 per 15-minute session, the total cost of treatment can quickly climb to thousands of dollars before the dieter sees results. There is no mention of weight loss associated with the procedure though permanently destroying fat cells is bound to affect weight. Overweight and obese dieters are not candidates for Cool Sculpting as the procedure works on small areas of fat. If weight gain occurs after treatment, the fat cells not destroyed during the procedure will grow.

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5 User Reviews about Cool Sculpting By Zeltiq

  • 1

    Like I said before is a waist of money I did my upper belly on 01/02/2013 I do not see any results


  • 2
    irma salazar

    I did my upper belly on January 2 and I do not see any good results. I think i did a bad investment


  • 3

    This review is not totally accurate. Each treatment is a hour, so for love handles you would get two treatments ($700/each) and it takes 2 hours. Upper abs and lower abs are considered two treatments as well. It can take months to really see results. I had my love handles done and can see a difference in a month. In a couple more months I should see even better results. So far I am pleased.


  • 4
    irma salazar

    That means is not worth it. I was thinking to go and do cool scupting, but is almost $3,000.00 for two sessions. Is too much money. I do exercise but my belly does not go down.



    put less fattening food in your “tummy”..seems logical to me