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Coral Inc is a company which has made ground breaking achievements in the coral supplement field. Coral Inc began with the hard work of founder Clint DeWitt. DeWitt became a fan of coral products after his own experience with them. DeWitt then began his own coral business in 1994 and created Coral Inc with other investors in 2000. He has expanded on the business since then and Coral Inc has been changed to Coral LLC. Clint DeWitt has found the health benefits of coral has been life changing for him and has been backed by science and doctors for many years. Clint DeWitt has been created for bringing coral supplements to many markets including health food markets as well as doctors’ offices.


Coral Inc has a number of coral supplements from tooth pastes to calcium supplements. These products each have their own list of ingredients but the main ingredient they have in common is coral.

Product Features

The coral products manufactured by Coral Inc or otherwise known as Coral LLC is strictly taken from coral found above sea level. Research has shown that coral found below sea level and the coral found above sea level contains nearly all the same minerals and provides the same effectiveness. It is considered a greener approach to use only the coral above sea level as it does not support sea life like the under water coral does. Coral Inc has a variety of products. These products include Coral White a coral based tooth pasted designed to improve the enamel of the teeth and to prevent cavities and to freshen breath. Another popular product from Coral Inc is the Coral Calcium. This product is high absorbable by the small intestine. Calcium is a vital mineral needed by the body, but this mineral requires the presence of vitamin D to be used properly in the body. Coral Calcium contains the vitamin D needed to make the coral calcium effective in the human body. Coral has been used for centuries in medical and health fields. The Okinawa’s are one group which has been using coral as a supplement for many years. It is thought that this is one reason this Japanese culture has one of the highest longevity records known in history. The use of powder coral as a supplement has been made easier and more convenient by Coral Inc, not only do they only use dead coral but they have provided powder coral in a capsule form.

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  • Coral Inc has taken great pains to only use dead coral and to protect the coral reefs.
  • Coral Inc is the largest distributor in the United States of Coral supplements.
  • Coral Inc provides a very informative website with scientific studies to back the claims of the use of coral powder as a health benefit.


  • The use of Coral Inc products alone is not sufficient to provide a healthier life.
  • Coral Inc does not have any product which can reduce weight or curb the appetite.
  • The use of Coral Inc products is not proven to prolong longevity.


Coral Inc is a company worth noting. The products by Coral Inc could be a beneficial addition to a healthy diet and exercise plan to improve longevity. It is important to note that the use of coral as a supplement should be discussed with a medical professional. It is not clear if the products from Coral Inc could have an interaction or side effect when used in association with other medicines or supplements.

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