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Cordiaburn is a weight loss product offered by Central Coast Nutraceuticals. Unfortunately, at the time of this review, the company website page for Cordiaburn is down for maintenance, making it difficult to find information about the product directly from the source. However, we were able to locate other online retailers currently offering this product for sale that provide ingredients and other facts about its benefits and use.

Cordiaburn claims to be a revolutionary weight loss product with an all new ingredient: cha de bugre. Company websites that sell Cordiaburn state that this formula is the most powerful thermogenic weight loss product available today. Some sites assert that this ingredient is even more potent than hoodia gordonii, a proven weight loss substance that suppresses the appetite and helps you drop pounds. We were unable to find specific information to that effect, since both products appear to be marketed rather aggressively and make similar claims.

List of Ingredients

Without a current company website, it is difficult to ascertain precisely what the ingredient listing is. The primary ingredient touted in Cordiaburn is cha de bugre. This plant comes from Brazil, where it has been used in drinks for its ability to energize the body. According to one website, it is brewed in large amounts for Brazilian festivals, so that people can stay energized throughout the night’s activities. It is also said to be a powerful appetite suppressant and a substance that can effectively reduce fatty deposits in the body. Some websites also refer to its diuretic qualities.

Another ingredient listed in Cordiaburn is green tea extract, which is also effective as a stimulant. This ingredient can increase the metabolism and contribute to healthy weight loss, according to some studies. Another ingredient in the formula is citrus aurantium extract (bitter orange), which is a stimulant that should not be taken by those with hypertension or heart disease. The only other ingredients we could find for Cordiaburn were gelatin and magnesium stearate.

Product Features

Since the company website was not up and running at this time, we could not find customer testimonials or any sort of money back guarantee from the company. However, some of the online retailers offering Cordiaburn did provide a standard money back guarantee on the product. It was also difficult to find specific clinical studies pertaining to cha de bugre and its potency as an appetite suppressant.

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  • There does seem to be evidence that cha de bugre and green tea extract are effective weight loss ingredients.
  • The product is available through some online retailers that offer a money back guarantee as policy.


  • The current company website does not provide any information about the product.
  • We were unsure whether the list of ingredients provided was complete.
  • No customer testimonials are available at this time.
  • Cha de bugre is still a pretty experimental ingredient.


While Cordiaburn may have some merit as a weight loss product, the lack of information from the company gives us pause. Some of the ingredients listed may not be appropriate for everyone, so check with your doctor before taking this product.

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