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Cordygen is one of those supplements marketed toward bodybuilders, but picked up by athletes. We looked around bodybuilding forums and found some interesting information. Cordygen requires one to two weeks of daily use before any change in endurance is felt. After that time, the endurance during aerobic exercise improves, but weight training or muscle endurance is not as spectacular. One bodybuilder stated the product would be ideal for athletes performing in aerobic sports, but that weight lifters may not notice any real endurance change.

Dieters may see some positive effects on aerobic endurance after the first two weeks. While this supplement is aimed at athletes, the effect on aerobic endurance could influence how long a dieter works out and how strong they are during a workout.

List of Ingredients

Cordygen-VO2 Ultra Oxyceps ATP: Oxyceps ATP: 75% Polysaccharides, 45% Beta-1, 3/1,6 glucan, 3-deoxyadenosine (Cordycepin), Hydroxyethyl-Adenosine, Adenosine, Ethyl-Adenosine, Adenine, 6% Alpha-Glucan.

Oxygen-ATP: Proprietary Blend Rhodiola Rosea Extract (standardized to 3% Rosavins & 1% salidrosides) & Jiaogulan Extract (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum standardized to 95% gypenosides).

Ath-Lytes (Balanced Electrolyte Support): Potassium, Chloride (as potassium chloride), Sodium Phosphate and Phosphorus (from sodium phosphate).

Product Features

The ingredients in Cordygen work to increase the amount of oxygen the muscle absorbs. During aerobic exercise, this will lessen the fatigue associated with oxygen-depletion. Ideally, the supplement needs to be taken for several weeks before the user will feel any change, but there is a change when the user is patient, according to several reviews on bodybuilding forums.

Dieters may think breathing exercises are enough to keep muscles moving during exercise, but no matter how much oxygen is pulled from the air, only so much makes it to the muscle during exercise. Cordygen increases the amount of oxygen supplied to and absorbed by the muscle so the muscle is able to keep going longer without feeling fatigued.

There are no clinical studies referenced in the product description. The athlete must just go on testimonials from other users, but these testimonials are fantastic. None of the ingredients in the formula will increase energy through stimulation, so the dieter does not have to worry about feeling negative stimulant side effects. This product can be stacked with fat burners.

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  • Ingredients for Cordygen are listed online.
  • The product is available from various online vitamin retailers.
  • May improve aerobic muscle performance.


  • Bodybuilders do not notice a change in muscle gains.
  • May not reduce muscle fatigue during weight training.
  • Requires two weeks of continuous use before results are felt.


When it comes to making the most of exercise time, Cordygen may be a hidden miracle. This supplement aids the muscle in absorbing oxygen. More oxygen means less fatigue and longer workout times. In one review, a bodybuilder covered the time on the treadmill so he could guess how long he’d been running by the feeling of muscle fatigue. He ran longer with less fatigue thanks to a product like Cordygen.

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    is cordygen listed in RW and is good for distance runner and do kenya runner take the pill