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The Core Body Reformer is a personal home gym designed to give you the workout comparable to larger home gym systems for a fraction of the cost and size. The official website guarantees your success or your money back. Money back guarantees are crucial for dieters who often spend thousands of dollars on equipment they use only a few times and then park in the corner to collect dust. In addition to the Core Body Reformer, buyers receive free gifts, including a weight loss plan, fitness flip cards and a carrying strap. The home gym is portable and sets up in minutes.

List of Ingredients

Home fitness equipment by Nautilus.

Product Features

According to the product description for the Core Body Reformer, the user will see results in just 30 days. The workouts combine flexibility exercises, strength building and cardio. Methods include yoga, Pilates and dance. In addition to the Core Body Reformer equipment, the buyer also receives DVDs with workouts using the equipment. Additional workouts are also available for $24.99. While the DVDs are not needed to use the Core Body Reformer, the buyer may find it difficult to create a workout with just a poster showing different moves that can be performed.

The Core Body Reformer holds a maximum weight of 300 pounds. This limits the number of people who can use the machine. There are three resistance settings – 3 pounds, 6 pounds and 9 pounds. While these settings may be ideal for the true beginner, after a short while you could grow out of the 9-pound resistance, no longer feeling the effect of the workouts.

In addition to the limited resistance, the Core Body Reformer requires the user to sit on the floor for many of the exercises and, in some cases, sit on the equipment itself, which looks like a foam roller. This could be difficult for dieters with back injuries and joint pain.

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  • The Core Body Reformer is less expensive than other home equipment.
  • The machine comes with a diet and exercise DVD.
  • The gym is portable.


  • Maximum user weight of 300 pounds.
  • Requires the dieter get down on the floor for many exercises.
  • Limited resistance.


The Core Body Reformer looks like another piece of fitness equipment that dieters will use for a minute and then store away. The limited user weight and resistance means only a select few dieters will find the Core Body Reformer useful for daily exercise. However, there is a money back guarantee but users must return the item at their cost in the original packaging in the original condition to receive a refund of the purchase price minus original shipping and handling.

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