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Core Cleanse is an all natural supplement with several ingredients that act as a laxative. The company claims that these ingredients work slowly and gently to cleanse your colon and at the same time help you lose unwanted weight. The premise is that it isn’t possible to truly become healthy until you have purified yourself. Supposedly the harmful toxins that have built up in your colon are not only making you uncomfortable they are also hampering your weight loss efforts. This sounds nice in theory but the company offers absolutely no proof to go along with their claims.


The company website has several ‘in the media’ excerpts. The logos for large media corporations are prominently featured along with short clips of articles they were supposed to have generated. However, no links to the media website are available and therefore are unsubstantiated. Further the media they are quoting discusses the benefits of cleaning the colon and toxins in the colon but in no way mention Colon Cleanse specifically and should not be taken as an endorsement for the product.


List of Ingredients


The ingredients in Core Cleanse are slippery elm, aloe vera, white oak, gentian, blue vervain, goldenseal, psyllium, senna, and lactobacillus acidophilus.


Product Features


Core Cleanse is designed to remove waste buildup, relieve bloating, flush toxins from the system, and decrease the size of your waist.


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  • All natural way to cleanse your colon.
  • One step program.
  • The company website is attractive and user friendly.




  • The free sample offered is actually a method to entice consumers into entering into an auto shipment program that can be difficult to get out of.
  • The amounts of the ingredients are not included in their promotional material making it difficult to determine how effective the product could be.
  • There are no clinical studies proving the product’s effectiveness.
  • Thorough testimonials are unavailable.
  • Side effects may include severe diarrhea and gas.
  • The ‘risk-free’ offer is extremely onerous and requires numerous complicated steps.
  • Not all of the links on the manufacturers website are active.




Core Cleanse is simply not a weight loss product. They claim you will cleanse your colon and that you will also lose weight and inches from your midsection. You will lose weight, at least some, but that is because you are ridding your colon of buildup not because you are losing fat. This combined with the negative side effects leads one to the conclude a weight loss product that is specifically designed to help people lose body fat would be a better choice for those embarking on a weight loss journey.

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