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Core Naturals is a company based out of Florida. It has focused on finding and reviving ancient crops and plants whose wonders have nearly vanished from the modern world. The company’s great success has been its renowned product Salba. While there is not a lot of information available on the company itself there is a vast amount of information on its golden product Salba. Core Naturals is credited for introducing the United States to Salba and all the benefits that come from using this miracle seed.


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Core Naturals is a Florida based company who’s main objective is to discover or rediscover natural products and to refine the cultivation of these products. Salba has been the great success story from this company. Salba is a form of Salvia Hispanica or also known as Chia. This plant comes from the family of mint. The version grown by Core Naturals is trade marked as Salba. This form of Chia has been refined and only the highest quality seeds are used to grow the crops. This is hat is considered an heirloom crop. The magical plants were rediscovered by brothers in Peru. They tediously hand shifted through the seeds found growing in Peru 15 years ago to pull out and plant only the white seeds, discarding the grey and black colored seeds. This created the version of Chia known today as Salba. Core Naturals has since taken the harvesting and cultivation of Salba to new levels. The company has refined the process and sought out only the highest quality soil and richest environments to grow their crops. Salba is grown in the desert coastal region of Peru. The company has refined the irrigation system and only harvest this product at full maturity to ensure the highest level of nutrients is in each crop. Salba is said to be rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, and fiber, anti oxidants, iron, magnesium, and folate. This combination of rich nutrients makes Salba a true super food. Salba is also very diverse. It can be used in its whole seed form, ground, or simply the oils from this seed can be consumed. This is a tasteless seed and can be added to just about any recipe. Core Naturals have been recognized by Diabetes Foundations, Vegan athletes and University’s for its development of Salba from the Chia family. While you may be thinking why have I not heard of this miraculous plant chances are you have a close relative to Salba sitting in your kitchen window or on the corner of your desk. Salba is a refined for of the same plant grown in the well known product sold in the United States as the “Chia Pet”. It was the Chia plant which was first used by the Aztecs in Mexico for its ability to fulfill nutritional needs. It is said that Chia was considered one of the top three most important crops of the Aztecs. Core Naturals has taken the average Chia plant and created a super plant from only the highest quality seeds to create Salba. Salba can be purchased from Core Naturals official website and it can also be found in health food stores all across the United States.

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  • Core Naturals has a great track record in creating and maintain the highest quality products.
  • Core Naturals products can be purchased from the official website.


  • There is not a lot of information available on the history of Core Naturals and other products they have besides Salba.


Core Naturals has taken great steps to ensure their chia product is of the highest quality available. Salba the main product from Core Naturals has won numerous awards for the nutritional values it carries. While Salba the main product from Core Naturals is rich in a number of important dietary needs it is also been found to play an important role in weight loss.

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