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Core Nutritionals is a supplement company created by Doug Miller and his wife Stephanie. Both Doug and Stephanie Miller are professional bodybuilders. Doug has a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry as well as a degree in Molecular Biology and Economics. He created this company along with his wife to provide the fitness world of professionals and amateurs a line of high quality supplements.


Core Nutritionals is said to use only high quality ingredients and list all the ingredients contained in their products. Core Nutritionals lists each ingredient as well as the amount of ingredient contained in each dose.

Product Features

Core Nutritionals is a company which has created four products geared towards the amateur and professional athletic world. The products produced by Core Nutritionals include Core Zap, Core MRP, Core PWO and Core ABC, The only product in Core Nutritionals line up that claims to promote weight loss is Core Zap. This product contains Epimedium also known as Horny Goat Weed and a large amount of caffeine. This supplement seems to be more of a mood enhancer rather than a weight loss product. Core Nutritionals is geared towards those who are already in good shape, but who are looking for dietary supplements to enhance their workouts. Core Nutritionals products can not be purchased through the dedicated website. The official website does provide links to online retailers who carry these products. The official website does not $30 and $50 dollars depending on the product and third party website they are purchased through.

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  • Core Nutritionals provides consumers with a specific ingredients list for each of their products.
  • Core Nutritionals can be purchased online, but only through third party websites.


  • Core Nutritionals does not sell its products though the official website.
  • Core Nutritionals does not have a powerful weight loss product.
  • Core Nutritionals is geared mainly towards those who are already in great shape.


Core Nutritionals is a dietary supplement geared mainly towards professional and amateur athletes. The founders of this nutritional products company are both bodybuilders. They created the website to help athletes enhance their workout routines. Most of their products are designed to restore and build muscles before and after workouts. The one product that they have created which is suppose to enhance weight loss does not contain ingredients which can provide significant weight loss.

Consumers who are not bodybuilders but still want to enhance their weight loss and physical fitness should look for products with ingredients that are well known to produce these effects. A powerful weight loss supplement will contain a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. The metabolism can be jump started with a high quality weight loss supplement.

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