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Core360 is an exercise apparatus that claims to be able to slim users down by 10 pounds in just 10 days. These claims state that in only 8 minutes a day using 8 different exercises consumers can lose 10 pounds in just 10 days. This seems too good to be true for those of us who have struggled losing weight with much more difficult practices. So how can Core360 make such a great difference with its abilities?


All that is required for Core360 is the exercise equipment the Core360. This exercise does not implement a diet plan and no other equipment or tools are required.

Product Features

Core360 is a piece of exercise equipment that is a singular piece of equipment able to perform a variety of exercise maneuvers with this solo piece of equipment. Core360 is basically exercise bars attached to a balance ball designed to assist consumers to perform a variety of exercises including crunches, squats, dips and upper arm exercises. The Core360 is a piece of exercise equipment designed to work the upper body, core and legs. These exercises are a great start to toning and strengthening the body. It has a wide variety of exercise demonstrated on videos included with the purchase of the Core 360. There are also a number of other exercises that can be performed on this exercise ball with attached bars. The claims by the makers of the Core360 that consumers can lose as much as 10 pounds in as little as 10 days seem unrealistic. This piece of equipment does not promote a strong enough cardio workout in only 8 minutes to produce these results. This would be a great piece of equipment to be added to a cardio workout and a healthy diet to increase core strength and to tone the body. The cost of the Core360 is also a little confusing the official website contradicts it claims on the price several times throughout the website. One page claims it is only 4 easy payments of $39.95 plus shipping and handling, while else where on the website the price is said to be one payment of $49.90 and three other payments of $39.95 or one payment of $169.75. The FAQ section claims that shipping and handling is free for standard shipping but the home page states otherwise. The FAQ section claims that there is a money back guarantee if returned in 30 days by calling a customer service number. There is also only a 90 day warranty for the Core360.

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  • The Core360 can be used to tone and strengthen core muscles.
  • The Core360 does not require any other equipment or materials to use.


  • The Core360 makes unrealistic weight loss claims.
  • The Core360 is not a complete weight loss device or plan.
  • There are several contradictions on the official Core360 website.


The Core360 is a great piece of exercise equipment. If it is able to hold up to consistent use it would prove to be a vital asset to a home gym. It is able to assist users in difficult exercise procedures such as abdominal exercise and leg workouts. The Core360 does seem to fail at being a highly productive cardio piece of equipment. The claims that it can produce 10 pounds of weight loss in just 10 days with the user only needing 8 minutes a day is too unrealistic to believe.

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