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Core4 Cheat is a powdered supplement included in the Xyngular supplement Core4 line. The website offers detailed information on all four supplements including a pamphlet that can be downloaded. The products cannot be purchased individually, only as a Core4 set – as far as we can tell. According to the product description, Core4 Cheat is sprinkled on food and it reduces the number of calories the body digests by 25%. This could mean a 250 calorie reduction for every 1000 calories consumed.

List of Ingredients

Konnyaku Powder and Cellulose.

Product Features

The use of the name Konnyaku Powder is a bit deceptive. Konnyaku Powder is just glucomannan. Glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber that absorbs liquid and expands. Typically, this supplement is used in weight loss products as an appetite suppressant or as a standalone supplement for weight loss. We are not sure how food would taste when the powder turns to gel on the plate.

Another negative about the Core4 program and Core4 Cheat is that the products cannot be ordered online unless the dieter is referred by an authorized dealer. This could be an individual selling Xyngular products. Xyngular gives affiliates a personal website from which products are sold. This means one product could sell for different prices on different websites and Xyngular keeps a portion of the sales price.

Glucomannan needs to be consumed with lots of water – as is the case with all forms of fiber. There is no mention of increasing water intake. There are warnings associated with Core4 Cheat. The product cannot be used without food or water and if being used with wet food should only be sprinkled on eat bite right before eating.

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  • Glucomannan is a fiber supplement.
  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • Other supplements in the Core4 line have effective ingredients.


  • Core4 Cheat cannot be easily purchased.
  • If the dieter does not know someone selling the product, they cannot buy the product.
  • Glucomannan may make food taste bad.
  • Dieters need to sprinkle the powder on each bite of food.


There is constantly news on the Internet and in print about fiber intake being at an all time low. Core4 Cheat offers a fiber supplement in an easy to consume form, but then takes away the ability of the dieter to buy the product. We do not like the fact that Core4 can only be purchased through an affiliate website and cannot understand why the manufacturer would not make the product available from the official website.

Instead of using the Core4 Cheat system, dieters can choose to intake fiber before a meal with the same effect. Otherwise, fat burning supplements are available to all dieters with safe, proven ingredients.

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    How can I purchase pure trim mediterranean shakes.


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    Frankie Kavin

    Hi Ya. Awesome post. I totally agree. You have manufactured a large amount of great things. Have actually a good day.


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    Either this review was done extremely early, when Xyngular first hit the market or there has not been thorough research done on the product or the business end of the spectrum. Yes, as a distributor, I have my own site that Xyngular Corp. has set up for me. The prices on my site are the same as every other Xyngular Distributors site. I think these Xyngular reviews deserve a researched, well informed re-do. I’ve been on these products for 3 months now and have lost over 20lbs and over 40″ total and it just keeps coming off. Not to mention my health has changed so drastically that I’m off of all the meds I was previously on for BiPolar and IBS and I no longer have fibromyalgia pain either. These products literally saved my life, so I personally (as I know many many others as well) would like to see these products accurately portrayed thru thorough research :) Thanks!


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