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CoreControl is a new invention created at Stanford University to cool the body’s core temperature from the inside out. CoreControl is also been nicknamed the “The Glove”. This new technology to cool the body’s core temperature from the inside out is powered by RTX or other wise know as Rapid Thermal eXchange. Athletes and professional industrial workers have tried for years to enhance their body’s cooling methods. They have tried ice and mist fans and drinking cool beverages, but never have they had the success that CoreControl claims it can provide.


CoreControl is a piece of equipment used by placing the user’s hands into the device. The user is then cooled from the inside out. There does not appear to be any specific ingredients other than the device itself that is required to achieve the cooling effect.

Product Features

CoreControl also known as “The Glove” it is sold in the United Kingdom as CoreCool. This revolutionary product is designed by Doctors at Stanford University to cool the body’s core temperature from the inside out. Most techniques used to cool athletes attempts to cool the outside and really only pushes the heat inward. CoreControl is designed to pull the heat from the core and vital organs of the user rather than just the surface. This is explained to occur by special blood vessels found in the palm of the hand. These vessels are able to extract the heat from the body’s core and increase an athlete’s endurance and overall performance abilities. CoreControl has been tested in both the lab and the everyday field of not only athletes but also industrial fields and professions such as Firefighting. The CoreControl has had great success in these applications. It has helps reduce fatigue and shortened recovery times of athletes after events and workouts. This system as it does have a slight effect on the metabolic system will not promote weight loss. This product can help those who are already taking part in high endurance exercises but will not be able to increase the abilities of those who are not already physically fit. The price of this device is not known at this time. It is not sold through the official website online. Consumers must contact the company who has manufactured this product Avacore to inquire on pricing and availability.

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  • CoreControl has been shown to be an effective treatment for reducing core body temperatures.
  • Reducing core body temperature through CoreControl can great reduce recovery times of athletes.


  • CoreControl is not readily available to all consumers.
  • It is not clear what the cost of CoreControl is to the average consumer.
  • CoreControl is not designed to increase weight loss.


CoreControl is marketed under several different names it is manufactured by Avacore and was created on the campus of Stanford University. The science behind CoreControl is designed to assist athletes and professionals by providing an effective technique to cool the core body temperature. This process has been shown to enhance performance both in recovery time and endurance. Firefighters are able to work longer and athletes are able to recover from competitions and workouts more quickly. This product is not designed to reduce weight.

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    Uh, CoreControl device on a diet gimmick list? That’s not what it was designed for. While you are at it, try eating healthy foods instead of subscribing to the latest gimmick.