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Cortislim is a dietary supplement that aims to aid in the weight loss process. This diet pill is claimed to boost energy levels, control the user’s appetite and essentially help manage weight. Cortislim is available in four different forms, which include “Cortislim Original” (increases metabolism and assists with blood sugar levels), “Cortislim Burn” (boosts metabolism and increases energy levels), “Cortislim Control” (controls hunger and supplies fiber to the body) and “Cortislim Energy Punch” (chewable tablets improve energy levels). Cortislim is marketed on the official website with a 100% money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with their results.

The “Cortislim Lifestyle Diet Plan” claims to offer a nutritional balance of proteins, nutrients, carbohydrates and fats; all of which the body needs. Supposedly this plan was developed by a “nutritionist” and endeavors to help dieters look and feel better. Basically the Cortislim plan involves regular exercise and a healthy eating routine in order to be truly effective. Users are able to select between various eating and fitness plans that suit their schedule and goals. Cortislim’s meal guide was written to assist dieters with this new lifestyle. Some primary ingredients found in Cortislim products are Vitamin C (100mg), Calcium (150 mg) and Chromium (50 mcg). Cortislim additionally incorporates a “proprietary blend” of Cortiplex, Leptiplex and Insutrol. The Cortislim diet supplements sell for different costs. While the Cortislim Original sells for $19.99, the Cortislim Burn is offered at $29.99, the Cortislim Control at $29.99 and the Cortislim Energy Punch at $19.99. Each product contains 90 capsules and all come with free shipping on the official website.

List of Ingredients

Cortislim utilizes active ingredients such as Vitamin C (100mg), Calcium (150 mg) and Chromium (50 mcg). Furthermore, Cortislim is made with proprietary blends of Cortiplex (Beta-Sitosterol and L-Theanine), Leptiplex (orange peel extract and green tea leaf) and Insutrol (Vanadyl Sulfate and Banaba Leaf extract).

No full ingredient list is given.

Product Features

Cortislim is a diet capsule that is intended to aid in the weight loss process along with a healthy diet and regular exercise. This supplement is directed to be taken twice daily; once with breakfast and once with lunch. Cortislim aims to control appetite and enhance energy levels.

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  • The official Cortislim website offers the product for sale online, which is convenient.
  • Cortislim is sold with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.
  • Cortislim comes in an easy-to-take capsule form.
  • The official Cortislim website offers free shipping.


  • The official Cortislim website does not appear to offer substantial clinical evidence concerning the effectiveness of Cortislim.
  • Cortislim is marketed as being effective if incorporated with regular exercise and a healthy diet.
  • A regular fitness regimen and healthy diet plan may be just as effective without Cortislim.
  • Cortislim is offered in four different forms, which may be confusing for some dieters.
  • Some ingredients found in Cortislim may not be suitable for some users.


Although Cortislim comes in a simple capsule form and is offered with a money-back guarantee, some dieters may not find the overall pitch so appealing. The notion that this diet supplement comes with a nutritional meal guide and exercise plan may make consumers wonder if the diet supplement itself is even necessary. It’s probably a good idea to explore all current diet supplements, plans and options before choosing Cortislim.

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