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Cortisol is basically a diet capsule that’s intended to be taken orally twice each day; once at breakfast and once at lunch, but always with a full glass of water. Cortisol is manufactured and distributed by a company known as Life Miracle. This company claims to produce “Cutting Edge Health and Environmental Products.” Life Miracle has been operating online since 1996 and appears to deal primarily with health supplements. Cortisol is claimed to be an “all-natural” dietary supplement, which aims to maximize the user’s metabolism while decreasing unwanted stress.

While Cortisol (commonly known as Cortisone and Hydrocortisone) is a type of diet pill, it additionally endeavors to balance the dieter’s blood sugar with natural ingredients. Basically Cortisol is derived from the adrenal gland and is a steroid hormone (stress hormone). Therefore when someone is under stress, their body can retain energy/weight. Unfortunately this can result in weight gain. However, Cortisol aims to manage this stress and reduce potential weight gain and food cravings. Similar to many diet plans, pills, programs and supplements, Cortisol is stated to be more effective in correlation with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Cortisol is sold in bottles of 60 for $29.99. Cortisol appears to be marketed primarily toward women, but is available to men as well.

List of Ingredients

Primary ingredients found in Cortisol are Calcium (150 mg), Vitamin C (100 mg), Vitamin B12 (50 mg), Chromium (100 mg) and St. John’s Wort (100 mg).

Other in ingredients found in Cortisol are Cellulose, Gelatin, Microcrystalline, Silica and Magnesium Stearate.

Product Features

Cortisol is a dietary supplement that comes in capsule form and endeavors to assist with weight reduction by controlling the user’s stress levels. This product is claimed to boost the dieter’s metabolism, balance blood sugar levels and suppress cravings for snacks. Cortisol contains key components such as Calcium (150 mg), Vitamin C (100 mg), Vitamin B12 (50 mg), Chromium (100 mg) and St. John’s Wort (100 mg). This diet capsule is intended to be taken twice daily with a full glass of water. It sells on the official website for $29.99.

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  • Cortisol can be easily and conveniently purchased on the official website.
  • Cortisol contains all-natural ingredients.
  • Cortisol comes in a convenient capsule form.
  • Cortisol does not appear to contain caffeine.


  • Cortisol must be taken in unison with a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to be effective.
  • Some ingredients found in Cortisol may be unsuitable for some dieters.
  • Customer testimonials are absent from the official Cortisol website.
  • The official website does not appear to offer significant clinical research regarding Cortisol.


It’s certainly an interesting angle that Cortisol addresses stress management as part of its weight-control formula. While this process of “controlling the body’s stress” may prove beneficial for some users, there doesn’t appear to be much clinical evidence to support Cortisol. If the official Cortisol website offered some substantial research results or consumer testimonials, the diet product would likely appeal to more consumers. When it comes down to it, there are many other diet supplements available that may attract more attention. Regardless of what diet pill or program you try, consult a physician first.

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    joe gomez

    Is Cortisol effective in treatment of fear of heights. What are the side effects?


  • 2
    Anthony Struzzieri

    My pituartary gland is damaged by radiation 4 yrs ago.I now have a Thyroid problem with renal gland malfuntion.My doctor is treating me with a hydrocortazone,such as predisone.But I have signifacent side effects.Would the cortisol you have on your site take the place of the steroids?


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