Cortisol Weight Loss Review

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Cortisol has become the focus of much attention recently in the industry of weight loss supplements. This hormone performs many functions in the body, including energy production and blood sugar regulation. Recently, there have been reports that excessive amounts of cortisol in the body are leading to increased weight gain across the mid-section. These extra pounds have been shown to increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. This theory continues to assert that because dieting is a stressful process for many, the cortisol levels in the body continue to increase throughout the diet, making it very difficult to lose the extra weight in this area effectively while following most diets.

This has led some weight loss products to advertise formulas that will reduce cortisol in the body, thereby making it easier to drop the weight through diet and exercise. Some of the companies manufacturing these products have claimed that users can drop large amounts of weight – from 10 to 50 pounds – rather quickly using these products. This has led to lawsuits by the FTC to prohibit companies from making such grand statements about products that are largely unproven in their effectiveness.

List of Ingredients

There are a number of ingredients that are often touted in cortisol weight loss products. Some are designed to increase energy levels and others are primarily used as anti-stressors. Magnolia bark has been used in Chinese medicine as an anti-stress treatment. Banaba is used to regulate blood sugar levels and possibly suppress appetite.

Green tea extract and bitter orange extract can raise energy levels and increase the metabolism. However, bitter orange has properties similar to the now banned ephedra, and should not be used by people with heart or blood pressure conditions or women that are pregnant or nursing. It should be noted that, while none of these ingredients are bad and some are even beneficial, none have been proven to effectively suppress the appetite and aid in weight loss.

Product Features

Since no specific products are listed in this review, there are no product features to highlight. However, we would stress that savvy consumers should look for money back guarantees, customer testimonials and free trial offers to determine whether a particular diet product is worth trying.

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  • Many of the ingredients found in cortisol weight loss products are beneficial to the body.
  • Some may actually increase the metabolism and energy levels.


  • A lack of appetite suppressants may make many cortisol weight loss products ineffective as weight loss aids.
  • Claims made for some cortisol weight loss products have not been adequately backed up.
  • The ingredients in some of the formulas are not considered safe for everyone.


There may be some merit to the energy boost that you get with some cortisol weight loss products. This increased energy level may help you to make good diet and exercise choices in your weight loss program. However, there is not sufficient evidence to suggest that cortisol weight loss products by themselves are adequate in helping you drop pounds. Research on how cortisol correlates with stress and belly fat is still being conducted, and the weight loss aid industry is watching with interest.

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