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Cortisone is a steroid that is used for a variety of medical conditions. Cortisone prevents the release of a substance in the body that prevents inflammation. It is used for a variety of conditions including allergic reactions, skin irritations and inflammation, ulcers joint pain, arthitus and breathing disorders. There can also be other uses for Corti=sone that are prescribed by physicians. Cortisone can be administered through oral suspension, pills and injections.


Cortisone is the result of steroidogenesis. It is created from several proceeds of the adrenal glands. The end results of this process is cortisone and many othe r naturally occurring steroids in the body. It was first discovered by Edfward Calvin Kendal while a researcher at the Mayo Clinic. Kendal was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery. Cortisone was first manufactured by Merck and Co in 1949.

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Cortisone is in no way associated with weight loss. Like most steroids it has been abused by many to produce enlarged muscles. It is more likely to cause weight gain as one of the many side effects associated with the use of cortisone. It is also used by athletes to block pain of injuries. Cortisone has a direct reaction with cortisol which is blamed for many peoples weight gain especially of the mid section. There are many diet supplements designed and who claim to reverse or effect the the use of cortisol in the body allowing for weight loss. Cortisone should not be associated with these or any weight loss products. The benefit opf cortisone for dieters and athletes is that I allows them to workoput through the pain of injuries to continue this daily physical activity. Cortisone can increase adreli9naline to enhance the fight or flight reaction. This can help athletes push past pain to increase exercise even with an injury. Besides the main other medical treatments cortisone is used for , it has a number of negative side effects. These side effects include an increase in diabetes, hypertension, weight gain, insulin resistence, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, anxiety and depression just to name a few. The use of cortisone should be limited. It is not suggested to use cortisone long term. The longer cortisone is used the more likely the user is of developing one or more of the side effects listed above. Cortisone should not be confused as a weight loss treatment for those looking for a way to lower cortisol. The two terms are used in association with each other but are treated entirely different. Cortisol has been linked to weight gain especially in the midsection due to the increase of stress. The use of cortisone has not been scientifically proven to assist in the reduction of cortisol but in fact is known to increase the production of cortisol.

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  • Cortisone is an excellent treatment for a variety of diseases ands conditions.


  • Cortisone should not be used as a weight loss treatment.
  • Cortisone is known to increase weight gain.
  • Cortisoone is commonly confused with the reduction of cortisol.


Cprtisone has a valied use in the medical field. In no way is it associated with weight loss. Cortisone in fact increases weight gain especially with prolonged use. Cortisone is a form of a steroid, which can increase muscle formation, for this reason it is often abused by athletes to manage pain and build muscle. Cortisone should also not be confused with cortisol. Cortisol is ponly a by product of cortisone. Cortisone can not be used top reduce cortisol which is known to increase weight, especially in the midsection. Consumers should look for a rep[utabl;e and scientifically backed weight loss supplement. Cortisone is not the answer to weight loss.

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7 User Reviews about Cortisone

  • 1
    Allan Hansen

    I am searching for information as to whether there side effects of cortisone against the kidneys and liver as well as any other organs.


  • 2
    June Ingleright

    Will cortisone injections cause continue swelling of the legs???


  • 3
    Susie Dickey

    In June I had my first spinal injection, July, my second,Aug. my third. #3 worked but now every time I bump my arms I get a bloody looking bruise thing. Bumps don’t have to be hard.Look like my husband has beat me up. HELP !


    Carol Zalek

    Same thing is happening to me Susie. I’ve had six injections over the last five months and I understand that Cortisone thins the skin. It happened to my mother who was on cortisone inhalers for years. She had awful bloody bruise marks, and didn’t even know when she’d bumped herself. As the cortisone gets out of your system, your skin should get back to normal. I’m afraid that if I have to repeat the shots in 6 mos or so, this will be the new norm.


  • 4
    Randolph Jay Lee

    I think I have conditions that could inprove with the use of cortisone. could I get information on where to purchase this drug?

    R Lee


  • 5

    how long after taking cortisone should i take diet pills?


  • 6
    Elvira Hinke

    I have diabetes. I hade cortisone injections in each knee today. Would that raise my blood sugar dramatically?