CosmoGirl Get Fit And Fab With Jillian Michaels Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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CosmoGirl: Get Fit and Fab with Jillian Michaels is aimed at young girls who want a workout that is fun. According to the product description, this workout never feels like a workout, making it perfect for young followers. The DVD sells on, but there is no video clip of the workout. A consumer review lists a brief video of the workout. During the clip, Jillian Michaels is instructing young followers how to break down dance moves into sections and then combine them together for the workout. Like so many other dance workouts, the end of the DVD pulls all movements together to create one complete dance. There is a lot of open space and time in the DVD so the dieter wishing to get a cardio workout may be disappointed.

List of Ingredients

Workout DVD with dance moves for young female followers.

Product Features

The CosmoGirl: Get Fit and Fab with Jillian Michaels stars the personal trainer from the biggest loser. Filmed in 2006, much has changed in the world of fitness since the video was created, but the dance moves and friendly interaction are timeless. For the young female Cosmo reader, this workout is ideal as a fun and exciting way to slim down, but there is a careful line that needs to be maintained when marketing a weight loss DVD to young girls. While the participants in the DVD are older, CosmoGirl is marketed toward younger girls who may have trouble with self-esteem and body changes.

This workout is not created for someone who wants to burn a ton of calories at home. The movements are simple and based on hip hop moves. The time between one series of movements and the next is often filled with laughter and giggling, this could be irritating for someone trying to break a sweat.

The DVD includes a personal interview with Jillian Michaels, nutritional tips and a cardio workout. There are very few ratings for the DVD, but most are mediocre to negative. Most of the complaints center on the age-focus, but this DVD is created for a younger crowd so that expectation is set from the start.

The DVD sells for less than $2 plus shipping and handling.

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  • Cheaper than other DVD workouts.
  • Workout is aimed at a younger crowd – fun and light.
  • Good for a beginner.


  • The young focus is irritating for some followers.
  • No strict instruction.
  • Not a typical Jillian Michaels workout DVD.


With nutritional tips and a fun, dance packed workout, the young dieter will find everything they need to start a healthier life on the CosmoGirl: Get Fit and Fab with Jillian Michaels DVD. The age focus is important as older followers easily get distracted with the lack of focus and lax mode of instruction.

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