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Costas Foods has been around for nearly 100 years providing a line of candies, protein bars, energy bars and other delectable’s to consumers. In 1922 Gus and Mary Costas started the small candy company in Palo Alto, Pennsylvania. Back then candy making was quite different than the operations found today. The Costas products were all made by hand and sold at the local farmers markets throughout the county. In 1966 the Costas Candy Co. became a subdivision of the larger York Barbell Company from York, Pennsylvania. It was under this change of hands that Costas Candy Company began producing Energy bars, and other healthy food bars for private companies. It was not until 2003, when Robert Stahl purchased Costas Candy Company and began once again to produce candies and health food bars under the renamed company. Since then the Costas Candy Company has been known as Costas Foods. Robert Stahl kept the employee of the previously owned company on to continue manufacturing the popular candies and bar and he has since expanded the operations and line of products.


The ingredients used to create the line of Costas Foods is always of the highest quality. The Costas Food official website does not disclose a complete list of ingredients for any of its products but does provide consumers with a nutritional facts for each product.

Product Features

Most consumers do not think of a candy company as being a likely [placer to find health foods. This is where Costas Foods differ from the traditional candy company. While Costas Foods is still manufacturing traditional Easter favorites like chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter eggs, it also has a line of bars that are designed to maximize energy in the consumer. The Honey Stinger Energy line of Costas Foods products contains at least 10 grams of protein per bar and is around a 180 calories. This type of product while is still sweet and satisfying to the sweet tooth in us all , also provides sustainable energy for those on the move. In 1966 the now named Costas Foods began entering into the energy, protein and fiber bar world. This was all before the low carb craze began. Costas Foods was decade ahead of other competitors providing bars that not only tasted good but provided nutritional components that consumers needed. Today the same line of products is still manufactured. In a world and market that has been flooded with health food products like protein bars and low carb bars Costas Foods can say it pioneered this market. The Costas Foods health food bars may not be the lowest calorie or the highest in fiber but they are at least one of the tastiest on the shelves today.

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  • Costas Foods has been in the candy making and health food market for nearly a 100 years.
  • Costas Foods can be found in local markets and also ordered online from the dedicated website and delivered to your front door.


  • Costas Foods is not the best product of fiber bars, energy bars and low carb bars on the market today.
  • Costas Foods has failed to advance with the current market by creating a lower carb bar or a bar with fewer calories.


Costas Foods is a company that has been around longer than the rest of the competition. This is a household name of product to many people. The Costas Foods has a rich history and a line of products that was leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Costas Foods has failed to keep up with the competition in the last few years. The health food market has been flooded with protein, fiber and low carb bars to provide nutrition and energy to consumers. While the competitors have created bars lower in calories and carbs and but higher in protein and fiber, Costas Foods has maintained the original recipes. This line of food will not promote weight loss but is a good alternative to other candy like products.

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