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Country Life is a supplement company dedicated to improving the health of its consumers. Country Life promotes itself as a family based business whose number one goal is safety and customer satisfaction. Country Life has been in the nutritional supplement market for nearly 40 years, but it is no longer a small family owned business. Country Life has broadened its horizons to include the addition of several sub companies including Long Life Beverages, BioChem Sports and Fitness, Iron Tek Body Building and Natural Personal Care. The expansion of the Country Life Family has appeared to only catapult the company into even more markets and it is currently available through out the United States in a number of stores as well as sold online from third party retailers.


The ingredients for each product are list on the official Country Life Vitamin website. This website gives dosing instructions for each supplement.

Product Features

Country Life is a name in the vitamin world that has been trusted for many years. The Country Life Products are rather easy to find for the average consumer. The Country Life name has expanded in recent years with several other subdivisions of other companies that have joined the Country Life Family. The Country Life Website gives information on all the products from the main company to the smallest of the subdivision companies. Country Life does fail to provide consumers with scientific evidence that their weight loss and other dieting products are more effective than other similar to them on the market today. All of the ingredients are included on the website but no claims are made as to what consumers should expect from the Country Life products. Most of the products from Country Life vitamins are sold in local health food stores for less than $20 per bottle. The lines of products may only be found for sale online by third party retailers if a health food store does not carry the complete line of product. Country Life does not sell its own products online and does not offer a money back guarantee for its products. Country Life does manufacture products which are suitable for most consumers. The majority of Country Life Vitamins are Vegan friendly and meet Kosher Standards.

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  • Country Life is a company that has prided itself on quality and excellence of its products for the last 36 years.
  • The Country Life dedicated website gives information on all of the products produced under all of the Vitamin Life family of companies.


  • Country Life does not sell its own products on its dedicated website.
  • Country Life products appear to only be sold in Health food stores and on third party websites.
  • Country Life does not make any claims as to what their products can do for the consumer.


Country Life vitamins and other lines of products seem to be a high quality product. The Country Life company has expanded to encompass other smaller companies as well. The Country Life company has information on the dedicated website for each of the products they manufacture. The company fails to provide scientific evidence backing the effectiveness of their products. Consumer will find the Country Life products are very affordable but may not be as potent as other products available on the nutritional and diet markets today.

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    Valeria Gándara Ledezma

    Hello. I am interested in your products. Since I am vegan and I have hypothyroidism, I wish to adquir your L-tyrosine. Moreover, I am so interested in this products that I wonder if it is possible make a treat with you, because I would love to sell this products in Mexico. I know some vegan people, and lots of people with hypothyroidsm. I would love to show your products as an alternative for the people in here.