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Country Power is a company that has created equipment designed to enhance the abilities of those using heavy dumbbells. It also manufactures the T.K Bands. The products created by Country Power are all geared towards athletes who using heavy weightlifting to enhance their performances or for weightlifters to save their knees back and make lifting safer. Country Power has a patent design for their products. These are products you will not find from any other manufacturer.


Country Power is the makers of the Power hook and T.K. Bands. This is weightlifting accessories made from the highest quality materials.

Product Features

Country Power is a company that markets and sells the T.K Bands and Power Hook. These are two items that are well known by professional weightlifters world wide. The T.K Bands were created by Tommy Kono, a world renowned weightlifter. Tommy Kono has a long list of accomplishments including two Mr. Universe tittles, a Mr. World and multiple Olympic Medals in weightlifting. Tommy Kono has been the coach for the Olympic weight lifting teams for several countries. Kono created the T.K Bands after injuring his own knee weightlifting. His product has been used by many professional weightlifters to protect their bodies from injury. The Power Hooks are designed to protect not only the lifter but also the spotter. This product is to be used with heavy dumbbells to prevent injury. It is a safety device allowing the lifter to hang the weights on a bar rather than dropping them to the floor. The Power Hooks sell on the official website for $49.99 plus shipping and handling and the T.K Bands retail on the official website for around $40.00 per pair depending on size. These products can also be purchased in retail stores geared towards fitness and specialty exercise equipment.

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  • The Country Power brand of products are made from high quality materials.
  • These Country Power products are designed for preventing injury.


  • The Country Power product line should only be used by those who are trained in proper weight lifting procedures.
  • The Country Power products may give consumers the idea that heavy weight lifting can be done by all with these products. This could be dangerous.
  • The cost of these products could be rather pricey for the amateur weight lifter.


Country Power products are made with the professional heavy weight lifter in mind. These products are designed to prevent injury and force the user to properly lift. This should not be used by the amateur weight lifter without proper instructions. The improper lifting of heavy weights can seriously damage the body. This product is mainly designed for the avid weight lifter and not intended for any other use.

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