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The Courtney Love Diet surfaced when the rocker lost more than 45 pounds in a matter of a few months. Everyone swore she had weight loss surgery or some form of co0smetic surgery to lose weight. Love later revealed she used Isopure, a protein shake, as her main source of nutrition while restricting caloric intake and practicing yoga for exercise. Despite her bad girl moniker, the Courtney Love Diet is a decent choice in weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Isopure Protein Shakes, Restricted Calorie Diet and Yoga.

Product Features

The Isopure protein shake is developed and sold by Nature’s Best. The formula is low-fat, low-carb, lactose-free and full of healthy amino acids making it ideal for weight loss. Fat contains nine calories per gram and carbohydrates digest quickly causing a sudden rise in blood glucose and a fall that often results in hunger. The Isopure shake can be consumed for one to two meals per day and several snacks without breaking most calorie goals.

The restricted food intake suggested in the Courtney Love Diet eliminates simple sugars and carbohydrates. Instead of eating simple and processed foods, Love chose fish and steamed vegetables. Some experts believe carbohydrates are the main cause of obesity as they digest far too quickly and cause cravings after digestion.

The final aspect of the Courtney Love Diet is exercise. She chose yoga, but any form of exercise will do. Yoga is easy for beginners and the progressive stages allow the dieter to workout harder and longer as they become more proficient in the exercise. Yoga burns tons of calories while being relatively low-impact.

Despite all the positives of the Courtney Love Diet, the dieter may not be able to keep eating fish and steamed vegetables forever. Fish contains mercury, so constant consumption may lead to mercury poisoning. The dieter can choose low-mercury fish, but all fish has some mercury in the meat. Switching out lean proteins like chicken and turkey allows the dieter to move from the beginning stages of the diet to a later stage with more food flexibility.

There is no cost to follow the Courtney Love Diet aside from food and yoga classes. A yoga DVD would work just as well in the home.

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  • The foods choices on the Courtney Love Diet are simple to find in a grocery store.
  • Dieters can easily adopt protein shakes and healthy foods for weight loss.
  • Exercise is supported on the weight loss plan.


  • Courtney Love is not a dietician or weight loss professional.
  • The basic eating plan may be difficult to follow for long-term.


Courtney Love lost more than 45 pounds drinking Isopure protein shakes, eating fish and steamed vegetables and doing yoga. Any dieter can follow this plan, though personal weight loss may not be as extreme.

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