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Editor's Review: 3.9 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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CR Best Buy Drugs is a website that hosts hundreds of consumer reports on the drugs that are available to treat an individuals disease, condition, ailment or specific symptom. This website also provides information to patient’s on how to talk to their doctors about finding the medication that best suits them while still being effective in treating what it was prescribed for. CR Best Buy Drugs does discuss some herbal remedies, but since most herbal supplements are not considered pharmaceuticals they are not investigated by CR Best Buy Drugs and information about them will most likely not be available on the website. This website does not have many reports on weight loss supplements and it pretty much focuses just on popular and traditional medications. The CR Best Buy Drugs website can be used by both men and women with just about any disease, condition, ailment or symptom. There are fees associated with using this website. For a one-year membership users will need to pay $19.00 and for a one-month membership users will need to pay $4.95.

Product Features

Many of the consumer reports on the CR Best Buy Drugs website are offered in both English and Spanish. The consumer reports that are available provide information on the side effects of the medications, the price, the drug interactions, the drugs history as well as any other interactions that may occur, warnings and the indications of the drug. The consumer reports on the CR Best Buy Drugs website are stated to be written and reviewed by experienced medical professionals. This website is funded by some private foundations and the main funding comes from the Library of Medicine.

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  • The information on CR Best Buy Drugs may be beneficial for those who have a medical condition that causes weight gain because they can find information on prescription weight loss medication.


  • There are membership fees to use the CR Best Buy Drugs website.
  • There are fees to access whatever herbal information is available.
  • There is very limited information available on the ingredients in popular weight loss supplements.
  • The CR Best Buy Drugs website does not offer any information on exercise or nutrition.


CR Best Buy Drugs doesn’t seem to stand out from the rest of the medication consumer report websites available. Those seeking information on weight loss supplements probably won’t find this website beneficial to them and they would most likely get better information taking directly to their doctor or researching and comparing weight loss drugs on their own. Those seeking weight loss should also develop a healthy diet and exercise program. Users will need to assess their health needs and goals and decide if using the CR Best Buy Drugs Website will be beneficial to them.

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