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Craniyums are produced by the company Crania Co LLC. Crania Co LLC is a “neuro nutriceutical” company that specializes in neurotransmitter precursor therapy. The CEO of Crania Co LLC is Cheryle R Hart MD. She is also the author of the book The Feel Good Diet, which explains the benefit of neurotransmitter precursor therapy and features the work that her clinic has done with Craniyums. There are a selection of Craniyums available, each one designed to affect such things as your appetite, mood and energy levels. Craniyums come in the form of Lozenges. One of the Craniyums designed to help you lose weight is known as the Diet Support Craniyum and is, according to the manufacturers, a mix of Serotin, Dopamine and Glutamine.


The official website for this product tells us that the ingredients in Diet Support Craniyum are 5 HTP, Glutamine, Vitamin B6, Tyrosine and Isomalt.

Product Features

There is an official website for Craniyums, and they can be ordered directly from the site. The Craniyums for Diet Support, which the manufacturers claim will decrease your food cravings, suppress your appetite and increase your energy levels, can be purchased at a price of $32.95 for sixty lozenges. They come in a variety of flavours including, Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry, Tropical and Tangerine. The official website tells us that the sublingual absorption of the natural amino acids in Craniyums minimizes stomach and intestinal upset that is often experienced with pills and capsules. It also tells us that craniyums are suitable for diabetics and do not affect the blood sugar level in the body. The manufacturers say that if you are on any kind of blood pressure or anti-depressant medication you should seek your physicians’ advice before taking Craniyums. They also tell us that you may experience symptoms of mild headache, stomach upset and dry mouth when you first take Craniyums.

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  • There is a very detailed and comprehensive website for Craniyums.
  • Craniyums can be ordered directly online.
  • Craniyums are available in a variety of flavours.


  • They are not suitable for people who are taking medication for depression.
  • Craniyums are not the only weight loss product on the market that features amino acids.
  • Some experts say that using amino acids to deal with weight loss is still an emerging science and urge caution, pointing out that we simply do not know enough about this approach.
  • Not all uses may find the artificial fruit flavours available to be appealing.


Craniyums have been devised by the company Crania Co L.L.C. The C.E.O of this company is an expert in neuro nutriceutical supplements. Yet using neuro nutriceutical supplements to deal with weight loss is still a new and evolving science. We do not have enough concrete information on efficacy or safety. We certainly would not advise you to use Craniyums without first seeking the advice of your family physician.

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    lee alsing

    Is this company even still in business? no e-mails on unreceived orders are answered and the phone number they give is disconnected – i place an order on january 3, 2010 and PAYPAL paid the same day – i have yet to receive it. any hints?????????



    I hear ya! I just placed my order too and my cc was charged but when I try to contact them via email, I get no response. Did you ever get your order? Gosh I hope so!!



    I order craniyum recently and encounter the same problem. There number has been disconnected and they did not respond to my email as to why my order was not shipped.