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Cre-O2 is an oxygen/creatine combination supplement. The creatine is a given in the bodybuilding community, but the oxygen support may be misleading. According to reviews from bodybuilders having used cordyceps and other oxygen boosters, the effect on muscles is not felt during weight training. It is, however, felt during aerobic exercise. Creatine is typically used to promote muscle growth and faster recovery, but if the bodybuilder is not lifting more and lifting stronger thanks to the oxygen support, he may not want to take these two ingredients together.

Dieters may feel the difference in aerobic muscle endurance after taking a cordyceps supplement for two to three weeks, but creatine is not ideal for weight loss. Creatine typically causes weight gain through water retention, and most dieters are not interested in gaining weight just so they can run longer on the treadmill. Cordyceps is available as a standalone supplement.

List of Ingredients

CRE-XS (ATP Saturation Matrix): Magnesium Creatine Chelate, Creatine Gluconate, Di-Sodium Creatine Phosphate and Tri-Creatine Orotate.

ATP 02 Catalyst: GlycoNutrient Delivery-ATP and Oxygen Catalyst, OcyCeps-ATP (Cordyceps Sinensis Hybrid), 75% Polysaccharides, 45% Beta-1,2/1,6-Glucan, 3-Deoxyadenosine (Cordycepin), Hydrozyethyl-Adenosine, Adenosine, Ethyl-Adenosine, Adenine and 6% Alpha-Glucan.

Adapt O2 Matrix: Jiaogulan Extract, Gynostemma Pentaphyllium Standardized to 95% Gypenosides, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Ciwujia Root Extract and Poria Cocos Sclerotia (Fu Ling).

Product Features

So what does it take to run longer with less fatigue? According to bodybuilders, all it takes is cordyceps. This ingredient, which is part of the Cre-O2 supplement, increases the amount of oxygen the muscle absorbs. Muscle fatigue occurs when the muscle is working harder, but its not absorbing enough oxygen. Cordyceps improves absorption, so the muscle is able to move more without feeling that oxygen fatigue. However, weight training is not the same as aerobic exercise and most bodybuilders report feeling the effect of cordyceps while running, but not while lifting.

Creatine is ideal for muscle gains, but most bodybuilders already take creatine supplements, so this supplement is a bit redundant.

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  • May decrease muscle fatigue during aerobic exercise.
  • Supports muscle hydration.


  • Not ideal for dieters because creatine causes water retention.
  • Is not likely to reduce fatigue during weight training.
  • Cordyceps is better when taken as a standalone product.
  • It takes two to three weeks to feel a difference.
  • Will cause weight gain and water retention.


After two weeks of constant use, dieters will likely feel the difference in muscle fatigue during an aerobic workout, but the effect of creatine will cause water retention and weight gain, so dieters want to skip Cre-O2. Bodybuilders are not keen on products with cordyceps and creatine because one does not help the other in the gym.

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