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Creative Bioscience Green Coffee Bean extract contains just one ingredient – green coffee bean. There is 800 mg of green coffee bean in each serving of the supplement. Green coffee bean typically supplies 2% caffeine, which in this case accounts for a small 16 mg dose of caffeine per serving. That is not enough caffeine to get the metabolism rolling, but according to the rave reviews and claims made about green coffee bean extract – chlorogenic acid works without stimulating effects to help dieters lose weight.

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  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

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There are tons of names for green coffee bean, including GCA, Svetol and GCB. Svetol is actually a brand name of green coffee bean extract commonly used in weight loss formulas. We have been unable to find clinical studies into the effects of chlorogenic acid or green coffee bean extract on overweight or obese humans with more than 15 or 20 participants. In order for clinical studies to be effective, they have to follow hundreds even thousands of dieters for a long period of time. The study listed on the Creative Bioscience website included 16 participants who were only slightly overweight. This population is too small to be clinically significant and it does not portray the population currently shopping for weight loss supplements.

The other problem with supplements like Creative Bioscience Green Coffee Bean Extract is cost. The study mentioned was continued for nearly six months. The dieters lost about 17 pounds during that time or about 2.83 pounds per month. The dieter would have to pay $120 for six month’s supply of the supplement. That is a huge investment that some dieters cannot afford.

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  • The ingredient label for Creative Bioscience Green Coffee Bean Extract is listed online.
  • Green coffee bean may be safe for most dieters.


  • The study mentioned included only 16 participants.
  • The participants were only slightly overweight.
  • Dieters would have to purchase six months of green coffee bean extract to follow the study parameters.


There are no long-term, large-scale studies out there for dieters who want to lose weight with Creative Bioscience Green Coffee Bean Extract or any other green coffee bean product, for that matter. This supplement appears to be just another in a long line of products created to take advantage of the current popularity of green coffee bean extract. We have no reason to believe dieters will lose more weight taking green coffee bean than other clinically proven supplements like caffeine or green tea.

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