Creative Core Abs With Shira Rea Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Creative Core Abs with Shiva Rea is an ab workout use various yoga and alternative moves. The setting for the workout DVD is the desert. Some portions of the workout require the follower to improvise and create movements without instruction from the overlaid audio. The video clips available on, where the DVD sells for $8.50, offer a quick look at the workout. This workout is not designed for the beginner. Many of the moves require self-guided repetition and advanced yoga techniques. The overall rating for the video is high but some consumers have concerns about the lack of instruction throughout the video.

List of Ingredients

Abdominal workout with yoga movements.

Product Features

Creative Core Abs with Shiva Rea is a mostly self-guided workout video that asks the follower to find their own groove and work that groove for an abdominal workout. Some consumers are not happy with the workout DVD as structure tends to win over creativity when it comes to beginner workouts. Many of the movements are intermediate and advanced, so beginners may have trouble following along with the lack of instruction.

Working abdominal muscles is only a small part of exercise. The abs do not burn as many calories as major muscle groups of the core and lower body. Traditionally, exercise for weight loss requires more cardio workouts than abdominal workouts. Abs are one of the muscle groups that can be worked every day, but this DVD lasts 37 minutes, so dieters may find it difficult to fit in the Creative Core Abs with Shiva Rea and a cardio workout in the same day.

There are traditional moves in the DVD such as crunches and leg lifts. These are ideal, but may cause undue strain on the neck for beginners. Proper form is required but not taught.

The price of the Creative Core Abs with Shiva Rea is lower than average. This is great for the dieter with a limited exercise budget, but the reference to yoga moves without instruction could disappoint most beginners.

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  • Works abdominals and lower back with creative moves.
  • Allows the follower to create self-guided movements to work core muscles.
  • Cheaper than other comparable workout DVDs.


  • Self-guided so the workout lacks instruction.
  • May not be suitable for beginners.
  • Focuses on yoga movements but offers no beginner instruction.


The Creative Abs with Shiva Rea workout is unique, but maybe in an uncomfortable way for some followers. This DVD does not offer structured guidance from one move to the next. The instructor voice lays over the video so the performer is moving differently than the audio. This can be confusing for the follower. Many of the movements require the follower to move as they please, which could reduce the effect of the workout.

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