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CreAgri, Inc is the manufacturer of nutritional supplements that use polyphenols from olives as the main ingredient. CreAgri, Inc was founded by Dr. Roberto Crea, a Biochemist originally from Italy. CreAgri, Inc is based in Hayward, California, and is a member of several organic farmer organizations. CreAgri’s main product line is Olivenol and is available in 5 options. CreAgri products use their patented HIDROX formula as the main ingredients. HIDROX is CreAgri Inc’s trademark name for hydroxytyrosol, the polyphenols extracted from the olive. The company has developed their own process for extracting the hydroxytyrosol from the olive water, which reportedly contains 300 to 500 more polyphenols than the olive oil. Their products are marketed as powerful antioxidant supplements. These supplements are said to promote cardiovascular, colon and skin health. They are also said to maintain overall health and wellness due to their anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.


Not Applicable. CreAgri, Inc uses their trademarked and patented formula HIDROX in their products.

Product Features

CreAgri, Inc manufactures nutritional supplements with their patented , trademarked ingredient HIDROX. CreAgri, Inc was founded by Dr. Roberto Crea, a Biochemist and is based in Hayward, CA. Dr. Crea is considered a pioneer in the biotechnology field, and has been a founder of several biotechnology companies since 1978. The company website states that CreAgri, Inc uses environmentally friendly processes to manufacture their products. It also states that they are the first company to use proprietary technology to redefine the processes in the olive industry.

CreAgri, Inc’s products include nutritional supplements called Olivenol. The products are available in 5 versions. The original version is available in vegetable capsules or tablets. The Olivenol Plus Alpha Lipoic Acid is marketed for skin beauty and protection. The Olivenol Plus Glucosamine is marketed for joint health and mobility. The Olivenol Plus L Carnitine is marketed for performance and energy. The dosing requirements are 1 to 4 capsules or tablets per day. No side effects or drug interactions have been documented according to CreAgri, Inc.

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  • CreAgri, Inc uses environmentally safe processes when manufacturing their products.
  • CreAgri, Inc uses natural ingredients in their products.
  • CreAgri, Inc has dedicated corporate website.


  • CreAgri, Inc’s products are not available for purchase direct from their site.
  • CreAgri, Inc does not offer customer testimonials on their website.
  • CreAgri, Inc does not fully disclose the ingredients of its products on their website.


CreAgri, Inc manufactures nutritional supplements marketed as anti-oxidants. Some of their products contain additional ingredients for added health benefits, such as skin health and joint health. The main ingredient in their products is HIDROX, a patented formula of polyphenols derived from the water from an olive. CreAgri Inc was founded by a biochemist that has been in the business of biotechnology since 1978. CreAgri, Inc states that they use environmentally safe processes in the manufacture of their products. CreAgri, Inc does have a dedicated corporate website, however the online purchase functionality is not working at this time. Their products can be purchased from other third party websites or in retail health and nutrition stores. The corporate website does contain references to clinical trials and scientific evidence to support their product, however, customer testimonials are not available. The ingredients in Olivenol are not disclosed on the corporate website, but can be found on third party websites.

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