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Crosstrainers are elliptical trainers that provide both an upper and a lower body workout, usually utilized by making the grip bars movable and providing a sort of weight lifting exercise. Crosstrainers are extremely popular because they are rumored to have the same effects as cross training (a method where different types of exercises are implemented to provide stronger challenges and increase the body’s strength), and are a staple in most fitness centers. Numerous Crosstrainers, ranging from doctor-approved Crosstrainers to economical choices, are currently available and there is also the option of trying one in a local gym. Crosstrainers have been around for quite a while and since that time have earned quite the reputation as a cardio-burning machine.

Crosstrainers may be considered an effective way of getting cardio in, but the ease of using these devices (it is usually implemented in a elliptical machine, which provides less stress to the muscles) may bring its overall effectiveness into question, along with it usefulness in an exercise program. Crosstrainers may not be the best choice for consumers seeking an intensive workout.

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Crosstrainers are usually constructed of two things — an elliptical machine and movable bars that also integrate an upper body workout. Elliptical machines are well known because they provide less stress to the body with its easy, clockwise movements compared to other machines such as sit-down elliptical machines and treadmills. It is also reported elliptical machines are easy to use, even for beginner exercisers. Crosstrainers implement the movable handle bars, which are moved back and forth. It is claimed these work the triceps and force a faster heart rate to increase the calories burned. Some evidence suggests this isn’t necessarily great for experienced exercisers — there is little effort used to do the exercise, therefore the challenge is dramatically reduced compared to other devices. It is mainly thought to be a good “first machine” for beginner exercisers with no experience in cardio workout, and may help them get started on their weight loss journey.

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  • Is widely considered a great machine for inexperienced exercisers.
  • Is extremely popular and is available in gyms, in retail stores, or online.


  • May not provide a challenging workout for experienced exercisers.
  • May not train the upper muscles as effectively as other workouts.
  • Should not be depended on to provide a full cardio workout.


Crosstrainers are favorite devices for first time exercisers because of the ease of motion, but overall will not provide a full cardio workout. It certainly will not hurt to add this machine into your exercise routine, but don’t expect it to do all of the cardio for you — implementing running or other cardio exercises may provide a bigger benefit. It won’t replace a healthy diet, either, and eating healthy foods can help boost any sort of weight loss.

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