Crunch Fat Burning Ab Attack Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Crunch Fat Burning Ab Attack is a workout DVD from 2005. There is no official website for the DVD, but various sellers offer the workout on The title Fat Burning AB Attack is a little confusing. Abdominal muscles are not fat burning muscles in the conventional sense. Abs are relatively small and burn few calories during a workout. According to consumer reviews, the workout have a dance theme so we assume the abs are not the only muscle group utilized during movements.

The overall rating for Crunch Fat Burning Ab Attack is good. As always, there are a select few reviewers that simply do not like the DVD, but others bring out some very real concerns – for the above average fitness enthusiast. The workout is for beginners only so anyone with a history in ab workouts or people who visit the gym regularly will not be challenged by the moves.

List of Ingredients

Ab workout with light cardio and dance moves.

Product Features

The Crunch Fat Burning Ab Attack is a beginner workout for people who have never worked out before. In this sense, it is ideal for the average dieter just starting a workout routine. While the dieter will likely progress past this DVD in a short while, it offers light enough cardio to keep the beginner burning calories and fat for a few weeks.

There is no diet associated with the Crunch Fat Burning Ab Attack. Dieters will need to line up a viable reduced calorie diet before starting this program if they want to lose weight. No workout DVD will increase metabolism enough to counteract daily bad eating habits.

One misconception addressed by consumer reviews is the condition of the instructor. Dieters will not achieve 6-pack abs or that ultimate physique with the Crunch Fat Burning Ab Attack. The instructor clearly does a workout more intense than the one on this DVD, but that is okay because a beginner must start somewhere.

The Crunch Fat Burning Ab Attack sells for less than $10 on We like the workout DVD, but wish it came with a fitness tracker and diet plan. No supplements are mentioned in the product description.

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  • Beginner workout provides light cardio and abs.
  • Priced in the normal range for workout DVDs.
  • Perfect for the dieter just starting a workout.
  • The instructor is engaging and energetic.
  • Dance moves are fun and increase metabolism.


  • Not for the advanced fitness enthusiast.
  • Floor workouts may be difficult for dieters with back problems.
  • Could be very difficult for an extremely overweight or obese dieter.


The price is right for the Crunch Fat Burning Ab Attack and beginner reviews support the light and efficient cardio and ab moves. We love the fact that many consumers complain about the program being too easy for the intermediate and advanced user because that means the beginner will be able to follow along and complete the DVD from the start.

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