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Crunch is a chain of aerobic studios located in select cities in the United States, including New York City and Los Angeles. First introduced in 1989, Crunch’s aim was to offer unique, innovative programs to consumers such as hip hop aerobics and co-ed wrestling. The variety of programs grew with the aerobic studio, and today hosts a plethora of programs and studios for consumers to experience for themselves. They also offer a guest pass to consumers for free, but some activities are limited.

Exercise is a fundamental part of any diet program, and Crunch claims to make it fun but challenging. With its huge membership base and overwhelming testimonial support, Crunch is growing into America’s next “it” fitness center, and even celebrities are getting in on the action. There are also numerous other options available at Crunch which may please some dieters and displease others. No word on the actual price of Crunch membership it varies on the location, due to the selection of amenities.


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Product Features

Crunch has implemented a number of innovative exercises, including aerobic hip hop and to yoga-inspired cycling classes. Plenty of options are available to consumers for all fitness levels, and personal trainers are also available for a fee. The variety of options should provide consumers with limitless options, but consumers who don’t like attention or fast-paced workouts may not prefer these programs.

Their amenities, which vary from location to location, also attract consumers. Some amenities include child care services (for mothers who wish to work out), a juice bar, a sauna, an indoor pool, and tanning beds. They also offer a personal store to purchase individual Crunch DVDs and equipment, which may also be an option for consumers who wish to use Crunch programs in the privacy of their own home. They do not offer diet programs, however, and this will be an issue dieters will need to address in addition to utilizing Crunch’s services. It only appears to offer fitness-related services to consumers.

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  • Offers a variety of exercise programs for all fitness levels.
  • Also offers additional amenities, including personal saunas and child care services.


  • Only offer fitness programs; does not offer diet programs, which other fitness centers do.
  • May be too fast paced for some consumers.
  • Only available in select cities in the United States, including Chicago and New York City.


Crunch offers innovative, fun programs for dieters who wish to get in shape, but this is the extent of the features offered by their aerobics studio. They do offer different amenities as compared to normal fitness centers, but these features may not be enough to interest all dieters.

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