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Crunch’s Cardio Salsa is a Latin workout DVD packed with various types of choreography designed to help you blast fat from your body. If you are looking to expand your home workout DVD collection, read this review to find out more about this one before you go out and buy it.

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Crunch’s Cardio Salsa is a 35 minute long DVD, that provides a full floor aerobics workout. The moves are fairly easy to learn because the DVD is targeted at beginners to intermediate. Since the chorography flows well, you can usually figure out what move comes next without much thought. The only thing is, while most people would expect to be able to go through all the moves together at the end of the workout, this is not an option. Since many of the moves are dance based, most people report having a lot of fun with the workout. Expect to spend plenty of time shaking your hips, moving your hands and arms, and doing various Latin dance moves. Overall, the workout is very short, because it is split into 9 chapters, with the last one being the credits. You will only get one to six minutes per chapter, so for it to be an effective workout, you will need to do the whole thing from start to finish unless you have other DVDs to choose from to create your own full workout.

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  • Crunch’s Cardio Salsa has several different routines to choose from.
  • This DVD is widely available online for around $10.


  • Crunch’s Cardio Salsa does not have dietary advice.
  • For people who do not want a dance workout, this DVD will be disappointing.
  • Doing the same routine over and over can get boring quickly.
  • This is a relatively short workout video.


Crunch’s Cardio Salsa seems like it could be a good option for people who are just getting started with exercise, who want to learn more about Latin dance, or use dance moves to make their workout more fun, rather than like work. The problem seems to be that the workout is not long enough, because many DVDs are twice that, or offer a variety of options. If you are trying to lose weight, you need to focus on more than just your exercise habits. You should also focus on eating a balanced, reduced calorie diet, comprised of plenty of high fiber produce, whole grains, and lean protein. With the exercise, this can help you reach your weight loss goals, are about one to two pounds a week. If you need a boost, add a clinically proven appetite suppressant or fat burner to your routine as directed.

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