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Culver Concepts is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements. Culver Concepts first products were introduced in 2007, however, the company claims that their team members have been in the nutritional supplement business for 20 years. The company is said to be committed to offering high-grade pharmaceutical grade products for the hard core athlete. Culver Concepts products are marketed towards the hard core athlete and the fitness enthusiast. The two main products they offer are Chlorodrol-50 and Orafinadrol-50, which are both prohormone products designed for size and strength increases.


Not applicable. Culver Concepts manufactures only high quality pharmaceutical grade products.

Product Features

Culver Concepts manufactures nutritional supplements that are designed to increase muscle size and strength. Culver Concepts also claims that their products will increase the consumer’s aerobic capacity. These products are said to increase muscle size and strength, decrease fat tissue, increase sex drive, increase energy levels, improve mood and cognitive focus, and increase exercise endurance. Culver Concepts has a disclaimer on their product website stating that consumers should not use their products unless they are sanctioned by the governing body of their sport. Consumers are also cautioned to only use these products for 30 days at a time, and to have a 45 day break between uses. There is a long list of consumers that should not be using these products, including women, anyone under the age of 21, and consumers with chronic diseases.

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  • Culver Concepts manufactures only high quality pharmaceutical grade products.
  • Culver Concepts is clear about the risks of their products.


  • Culver Concepts products are prohormones that may not be sanctioned by governing bodies of sports.
  • Culver Concepts products should be used with caution.


Culver Concepts manufactures prohormone products designed to increase muscle size and strength quickly. These products are not to be used for more than 30 days, and must have 45 days between uses. The consumer is cautioned to never exceed the daily dosing of the products. Women, males under the age of 21, anyone trying to conceive, and consumers with chronic conditions should not use these products. Athletes should investigate the drug testing policies of the governing body of their sport to ensure that these products are not illegal in their sport. The information found about these products does not contain clinical trials or customer testimonials. All consumers should contact a physician prior to using these products to ensure their safety. Possible effects from the products may include dizziness, nausea, tremors, nervousness, headache, and heart palpitations. If these occur, the consumer should contact a medical professional immediately and discontinue use.

Culver Concepts products are only for the hard core athlete and fitness enthusiast. They should be used with caution and the directions should be followed exactly.

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    do you take chlorodrol and m sten together? or one box at a time?