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Curves Complete is an online weight loss tool similar to the Weight Watchers online program. Dieters that purchase an online membership can utilize online tools, including meal planners, shopping lists and nutrition advice. Curves gym members may be able to gain access to Curves Complete.

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Online tools for achieving weight loss success.

Product Features

The Curves Complete program is an online community that charges a fee for weight loss and fitness tools. The membership includes full access to recipes, menu planners, meal trackers, calorie counters, fitness videos and more. Participants do not need a Curves gym membership to take part in the Curves Complete program.

An online video describing the program offers screenshots of the tools available to dieters. These include a membership community and nutritional advice. These same tools are available to members of free workout communities like SparkPeople. Weight Watchers offers a similar online plan for a fee.

Dieters following the Curves Complete program are prescribed a set number of calories per day, week and month. Calorie intake is tracked, but dieters must enter food, drink and exercise onto the website in order to see progress. Weight trackers and inches trackers help dieters see real time progress.

We did not find any pricing information for Curves Complete. We do know the price members paid was in addition to the Curves gym membership if they decided to join a local gym.

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  • Printable shopping lists for menu plans.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly progress trackers.
  • Access to nutritional information.
  • Dieters do not need to be a member of the Curves gym.


  • The program is no longer accepting new members.
  • There is no pricing information available online.
  • Dieters must remain dedicated and track progress daily.


The Curves Complete program is good in theory, but free websites like SparkPeople offer the same trackers without a monthly or yearly fee. We like the fact that dieters can track progress, but paying a fee to gain access to tools that are available for free is not a smart idea.

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7 User Reviews about Curves Complete

  • 1

    This review is totally inaccurate. The Curves Complete fee INCLUDES a gym membership, one on one, regular counseling with a certified coach, weekly, in person, structured meal planning and more.


  • 2
    Eveline Gauvreau

    I have joint Curves, and I have file out the questioner,
    all I want to know if I could get a complete meal chart from you where I don’t make any meal, not working out, to busy.



  • 3
    Marty Porter

    There 3 phases. How long is each phase.. If it is based on the individual., what determines the length of each phase?



    This is based on your weight loss and your goal. The first phase is always one week then you are in a second phase until you reach your target BMI at that point you move onto Phase 3 which is just healthy eating for life. Your Curves Complete Coach is with you 100% of the way to make sure you are in the right phase.


  • 4

    I am also a Curves Complete coach who has had success with the program. Many items in this review are incorrect. We offer it with one on one conseling a gym membership and the curves community that will give you much more support that you would get at any other gym.


  • 5

    Your info on Curves Complete is INCOMPLETE. I am a coach in Northern Indiana. There WAS a Curves Complete program years and years ago that no longer exists. The popularity of online support is such that new features were added, including daily online motivational videos from respected experts and weekly one-to-one meetings with a coach who has completed extensive training and is certified by the Cleveland Clinic to coach the program. This is the ONLY program that integrates diet, exercise, and motivation. Membership in the workout program is included in the fee. New participants are definitely being accepted–and encouraged–to sign up. More information can be provided by contacting


  • 6
    Sarah Rees

    Hi I wanted to provide a correction that Curves Complete IS taking new members. I am a coach in Chicago and we are currently enrolling. Please feel free to contact me for confirmation!