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Curves is a fitness franchise that began with a fitness center for women only. Curves was founded by Gary and Diane Heavin in Harlingen, Texas in 1992. They created a 30 minute workout that combined strength training, cardio and stretching, using machines with hydraulic resistance. This workout is for women specifically, and the fitness centers are for women only. Some patrons say this helps them to not feel self conscious and be able to concentrate on their workout. The Curves corporate website also states that the hydraulic equipment is made especially for women as well. Curves is now a fully franchised corporation with over 10,000 locations in 70 countries around the world. In addition to the fitness center, Curves now offers nutritional information, personal training, group meetings and nutritional supplements geared towards a woman’s health and weight loss goals.


Not applicable. Curves offers nutritional support and nutritional supplements in addition to the fitness center workout.

Product Features

Curves is a fitness franchise with over 10,000 locations in 70 countries. The Curves workout is specifically geared towards women. It is a 30 minute circuit workout that incorporates strength training with hydraulic equipment with cardio in between machines. The equipment adjusts to each woman’s needs and increases resistance when the user pushes harder and faster. Curves recommends a member workout three times a week for 30 minutes. Curves also offers nutritional information, support, and supplements to help each member meet their personal goals. The nutritional supplements include multi-vitamins, protein shakes, calcium supplements, omega-3, joint and connective tissue support, glucose management, PMS formula, and a menopausal support formula. Curves founder Diane Heavin also publishes diane magazine, which is also for women.

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  • Curves fitness circuit is a predetermined workout that does not require any previous knowledge of strength training.
  • Curves has dedicated staff at each location to assist the customer with their individual needs.
  • Curves has a dedicated corporate website.


  • Curves is a monthly membership fitness center.
  • Curves is for women only, male consumers must find somewhere else to work out.
  • Curves has two corporate websites that may confuse the consumer.


Curves is a fitness center and franchise that caters to women as its customers. The Curves website states the mission is to strengthen women. Curves is a women only fitness center that believes that women benefit from the exclusive atmosphere. They believe that the women feel less self conscious while working out, which enables them to reach their fitness goals. They also believe that the atmosphere feeds the social need of women to build a support network while working toward their personal fitness goals. Male consumers will have to find another fitness center to use. In addition to the workout, Curves offers nutritional support, nutritional supplements, and group support. The nutritional supplements are shown on the corporate website, however consumers must go to the local Curves location to purchase supplements.

Consumers looking for a fitness or weight loss solution may benefit from a Curves membership. Curves does not offer a weight loss supplement. A weight loss supplement may be beneficial for those consumers looking to lose weight, in addition to an exercise program and diet. Consumers looking for a weight loss supplement should look for one with both an appetite suppressant and fat burner. This combination will yield the best results. A consumer should also look for a supplement with a dedicated website, offering customer testimonials and clinical trials proving the effectiveness of the product.

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  • 1

    need an phone number to call trying to join


  • 2

    “0” stars…My final personal experience was not pleasant, and I would never darken the doors of a Curves facility again! I joined during a 6 month trial special to tone up and provided the necessary bank establishment information to draw the monthly payment as required by the facility. After 6 months, I wrote a letter of termination of use at the facility because I was unable to attend on a regular basis and the withdrawals from my checking account would be terminated once the letter was submitted which I did. The bank account used was set up specifically for Curves. It wasn’t until over a year later after submitting the letter that I received an overdraft charge for an account that I did not use. Much to my surprise, Curves was still drawing from my account. When I tried to contact the facility, they were no longer in business, so I contacted the corporate office via email which they said they were not responsible, but they did contact the previous owner of the franchise to see if I submitted a termination letter which was affirmed. I completed an affidavit with my bank to submit to Sun Trust Bank and that is as far as the bank took it. Therefore, I was robbed of $1200 by Curves because the draws according to the bank were made by Curves! Think twice before you let a Curves franchise draw from your bank account.


  • 3

    Do you offer a discounted rate for “Silver Sneakers” program from Kaiser Permenete?


  • 4

    Curves is my favorite place to workout I start in 2003 and since then i have lost a total of 80lbs and kept it off also Im now a Curves Coach and now that jillian michels is our New Spokesperson and gives us much more add workout my body is shaping in place i thought was a lost cause but Im here to tell you im looking and feeling wonderful today so say CURVES is the Best Place to workout and be mentally,emotionally,phsicially,and spiritually!!!!


  • 5

    I would like to know your prices but none of your websites give that info. Is it so high you can’t put it on the site or what is the problem?


  • 6

    Does the Go Blue discount for health clubs work at curves ?

    (Blue Cross Blue Shield)


  • 7
    Jill Anderson

    I have a 14 year old daughter that I would like to bring into curves. She is 5’5 and 185 pounds. i would like to get her on a workout/fitness/diet routine that I can be a part of. She wants to work out in a gym and I don’t want a year contract commitment. I would like to know if she is eligible at the age of 14.


  • 8

    what is the cost for a month?


  • 9

    How much does Curves cost A month?



    I just joined today was 99$ for two months of workouts only



    Is this true. To join 2 months for 99.00


    Your Name

    Curves membership cost is different at every location. I joined at one location for $46 a month and found a closer one to my house for $30 a month.


  • 10
    josephine faison

    could we PLEASE, get a clinic set up in wallace area?


  • 11
    Sally Voss

    where is closest location


  • 12

    I am looking for Curves site where I can get a free bottle, am I missing it somewhere?


  • 13
    Joan Padeck

    I am a Curves member in Massachusetts, and will be in California for a week. Can I go to Curves out there with my membership here?


    Liz Hutchison

    Ask your Mass. curves for a travel pass. Show pass a any Curves. They will sign it and you get credit for attendance.


  • 14

    I live in Chicago and have a question about the Curves supplements. I was a member of Curves at one time, but had to quit my membership. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good workout, but I just couldn’t make it there. Although, I have lost 35 pounds on my own. My only gripe is with the sales of their supplements. I love the joint and connective tissue supplement, but cannot get it at the Curves near me because they will only sell it to members. Is there any way I can order this product without being a member?


    curves member

    You might try to find another curves in your area, Chicago has a few. As far as I know there are restrictions on selling the vitamins to anyone. My local Curves does.


    Curves member

    You can definately go to another Curves and buy supplements…just go to and find another one. There supplemnts are the best.


  • 15
    Regina Mitchell

    I to have been looking for the abodominal cuts, free coupon. I can’t find the website to request the free sample. Please help. Thank you.


    Flo Fiance

    where is coupon for sample????


  • 16
    Carleen Stickney

    I read the new Diane magazine and found an ad for abdominal cuts and they have a free bottle for Curves members. I would like to try this product but I don’t see a place to try to get it….


    Flo Fiance

    no comment yet


    Beth J

    I’m looking at the Summer 2010 Diane Magazine and the coupon you are referring to – states ‘while supplies last’ – go to – better move fast – don’t know what supply they have for this coupon



    Try your local GNC store – they gave me the website to order.


  • 17
    Dolly Rauch

    I jouned Curves complete and I find it almosy impossible to sign in to the site. All I get are messages to join.
    What am I doing wrong?


    Lisa Acton

    Hi Dolly. I am wondering if you were using the Curves Free 30 day trial of Curves Complete, because that may be your issue. If you are not using the free password correctly, it may not let you in. Call your local Curves and let them give you a replacement voucher. I am sure they would be happy to do so. Good luck on your goals!


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