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The Curves Smart program is available in select Curves gyms. A small card is inserted into the Curves gym machines. The card is programmed with the dieter’s weight, height and other personal information. The machine tracks progress and calories burned. A green gauge on the machine face helps users push harder to increase strength. As the Curves Smart user gains strength, the machines automatically adjust resistance to make the workout harder.

Not all Curves gyms have machines equipped with the Curves Smart program. There is no mention on the official website about additional fees associated with Curves Smart.

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Personal tracking system for Curves workout.

Product Features

The small card used on Curves Smart workout machines keeps track of workouts and personal information. The card must be moved from one machine to the other. The official promotional video for Curves Smart shows the user inserting the card and immediately starting a workout on the machine. Curves utilizes a timed circuit with music that plays throughout the gym. There is likely a short delay between the time the card is inserted and when the information loads. This could slow down progress and cost the dieter valuable time working out. The timed circuit lasts 30 minutes, but the dieter can choose to workout longer by simply restarting the circuit.

Curves uses young, fit women to promote the Curves Smart workout. Anyone who has visited Curves gym knows the demographic is older women. This often turns away younger women who want a faster pace. In some cases, members of the Curves gym have complained about users talking too much, lagging or joking between machines. This can be distracting.

We assume there is a replacement fee for the Curves Smart card if the dieter were to lose it along the way. Some Curves gyms may offer safe keeping for Curves Smart cards, but that is not mentioned on the official website.

Curves Smart does not address what happens if the user is stronger than the Curves machine. The resistance on Curves circuit machines is limited, so there is a chance the dieter could improve to a level that the Curves machines would no longer provide sufficient resistance.

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  • Keeps track of personal workouts.
  • Adjusts machine tension as the user grows stronger.


  • No information about cost for Curves Smart.
  • Not all gyms are equipped with the Curves Smart system.
  • Cards may carry a fee or replacement charge.


The Curves Smart system is a unique program that allows the dieter to track workout progress without entering in one number into a tracking tool. The online tracker shows progress on Curves gym machines. If the dieter changes weight, that information must be adjusted on the official website for the Curves Smart system.

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    Patricia Allan

    The dog chewed my curves smart card. The gym says that they have no cards but they have been ordered since June. Can I purchase a curves smart card?